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Marylanders’ attitudes towards vaping

Hok Lik, a Chinese pharmacist,  invented the vaping device that we see and use it today after the death of his father from lung cancer. His goal–to eliminate the harmful effects of smoking. For vaping reviews, you can check here,  but let’s get some basic facts straight first.

Vaping is an imitation of smoking allowing you feel an object in your hand, and you can take a puff and breathe out “smoke.” It also provides a necessary dose of nicotine. The number of vapers is growing every year. In the USA, many people believe that vaping is much safer than smoking because less harmful substances are produced by vaping devices. There are no yellow teeth or a bad smell one of the true advantages of vaping.

Vaping in Maryland

In Maryland, vaping has gained popularity that a new for of “entertainment” for vaping has emerged–cloud chasing. Cloud chasing is a kind of art to manage the steam and create clouds of bizarre shapes. Festivals and battles take place with cloud chasing where vapers take the best vaping devices, compete and show their talents.

According to statistics, 1 out of 20 Americans use a vaping device available today, and  one out of three vapes, use it daily. In Maryland, more men than women vape–5.9 and 3.7%, respectively.

The cost of vaping can be reasonable, so a significant number of people can afford it and the taste of vapor can be created any to match virtually any flavor. And the look and shape of the vaping devices can come in many shapes, colors, and looks to quell any fashionistas.

Pros and Cons of vaping

There are no combustion products (soot and tar) in the vapor from vaping devices that cause inflammation and destruction of lung epithelial cells, as is the case with tobacco smoke. However, some drops of liquid settle on the walls of the respiratory tract, which complicates studies to determine the true safety.

Less oxygen enters the blood, and then hypoxia occurs (oxygen starvation). As a result, all intracellular processes are slowed down, cell division is disturbed, and the processes usually associated with aging are accelerated. At the same time, when you vape too often, salivation increases and sputum with microbes and their toxins begin to accumulate in the bronchi which is not good for health.

Currently, many indicators have emerged indicating that vaping is harmful to your health. Some doctors claim that even when you choose the best vapes to buy, dangerous chemicals are released along with the vapor. A study conducted by experts at the University of Minnesota has even led to the conclusion that vaping can cause cancer of the oral cavity due to changes in the structure of DNA.

Robert R. Redfield, the Director fo the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns that the numbers at his agency’s disposal “may be the tip of the iceberg.” He is especially worried about the health of adolescents and young people, among whom the electronic cigarettes are especially popular.

Vaping popularity among Marylands teenagers

E-cigarette use by teens in the US grew last year by more than 75% and Maryland mimics that trend. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has dubbed that there is  a “vaping epidemic” among US teens.

There are new laws being created that will prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes with the aroma of sweets and fruits. The legislation has roots at the  FDA with the goal of launching a national fight against the “vaping epidemic” among teenagers.

Some key provisions of the legislation–the ban will place restrictions on the sale of vaping devices in small stores and at gas stations. Conversely, the sales of good vapes with the taste of tobacco, menthol, or mint will not be limited. The authors of the legislation noted that adolescents, as a rule, preferred fruit flavors. Restrictions will also be placed on online sales of electronic cigarettes, notably by verifying a purchaser’s age prior to sale, similar to what is seen with other products.

The jury (so to speak) is still out on the health aspects of vaping. Anne Arundel County has seen many stores pop up to answer the demand of vaping and the e-cigarettes are currently widely available from gas stations, to souvenir shops, to all-out vaping emporiums. Stay tuned to see if vaping will survive and thrive after legislation, or if it will wither away like the ever so popular tanning salons of the  1990s and 2000s.

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