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Annapolis Green has their famous Christmas Crab Compost for you

Long-awaited, Annapolis Green’s Christmas Crab Compost is here. Made primarily from the 14.5 tons of waste from the Annapolis Rotary Crab Feast last August, this sweet-smelling, fluffy soil amendment is the “secret sauce” of fruitful gardens as it returns the bounty of the Bay to the Earth, completing the circle of life.

“That compost is amazing,” said David Sikorski. “I put it in my garden this summer and I had a grape tomato plant – just one – that was incredible. It grew larger than my conference table. We were giving away tomatoes to everybody we knew.”

That experience was matched in Annapolis Green’s pollinator garden where flowers and vegetables – and our adopted street tree garden—grew beautifully, nourished by the compost.

“Everybody passing by commented on our garden,” said Lynne Forsman, Co-founder of Annapolis Green. “It was so healthy and beautiful, and we know it was because of the ‘secret sauce!’”

Christmas Crab Compost is available December 5-20 in gift-ready decorated 15-lb. bags with a gift tag – just $10 plus tax. Online orders may be made at annapolisgreen.com/take-action/shop, or directly at their office at 92 Maryland Avenue. They can’t ship – all bags must be picked up at in person. Buyers can pull up to the curb Maryland Avenue at State Circle and they will run it out to you during regular business hours.

Christmas Crab Compost is also available at K&B True Value, 912 Forest Drive.

It’s a gift like no other:

  • One of a Kind (little chance of duplicate gifting)
  • Has a Fabulous Back Story
  • Guarantees an Experience (Your garden will grow!)
  • Tough to Re-Gift
  • Always brings a laugh!
  • For a good cause: Helping Annapolis Green continue our Zero-Waste efforts as part of our Responsible Events & Festivals (the Green REF) program

Each year Annapolis Green assists approximately 25 events in going Zero-Waste as a part of their Responsible Events & Festivals program (The Green REF). That means that no waste goes to the landfill! With recent recycling challenges, their aim is to compost as much as possible, with recycling kept to a minimum.

This involves working with event organizers to make sure all items used in their events are made of materials that can be broken down organically such as plant-based (not plastic) plates, utensils, glassware, etc. They contract with a professional composting facility and can compost much more than is possible in a backyard composting setup. Not only can they compost the materials mentioned above, they can also handle meat, bones… and even crab shells! In about eight weeks, this is all transformed into Christmas Crab Compost.

By far, their largest event of the year is the Annapolis Rotary Crab Feast held each August. Annapolis Green has partnered with Rotary for the past six years, working to make the annual 2000+ person crab feast a Zero-Waste event. And now, the 14.5 tons of waste from the crab feast – along with waste from they many other events have produced Annapolis Green’s Christmas Crab Compost!

And what makes this so very special is this:

Not only does it showcase how you can avoid the landfill and instead produce something good to put back into the Earth, it contains a secret ingredient that plants just love – crab shell. The calcium is  “the secret sauce!” Mix it into your soil or use it as a top dressing for a beautiful, fruitful garden!

In the spirit of the season, when you come to pick up your compost, please bring some non-perishable food items for the Light House Shelter and help Annapolis Green make the season bright for our neighbors in need.

Last year Annapolis Green sold over 300 bags of compost and expects sales to top that this year. The community has really stepped up to support the work of Annapolis Green to connect, inform, and inspire Annapolis area residents, organizations, and businesses to care for the environment, live more responsibly and create a more beautiful and thriving community. Learn more at annapolisgreen.com.

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