June 12, 2024
Annapolis, US 74 F

Eastport reclaims the Annapolis Cup in the 22nd Annual Tug of War, 5-2 (PHOTOS)

It was not Annapolis’ Day.  It started out strong with a resounding win by Navy over the Eastport Army, but went downhill from there. Even with strong political weight from Senator Sarah Elfreth, County Executive Pittman, and Dash Buckley (standing in for an injured Mayor/Dad), the City could only muster two wins all day.

The results?

Navy, tugging for the Annapolis side defeated the Eastport Army. The Eastport Bars handily defeated the Annapolis bars in the second tug of the day. It was a fight to the finish between the Eastport Yacht Club and Chesapeake Regional Accessible Boating (CRAB) but in the end, the yacht club edged the out. The Annapolis Elementary School PTA (Go Gators) lost to Dome Chartering and Trading Corporation.

Photos © 2019: Glenn A. Miller | Glenn A. Miller Photography for Eye On Annapolis

And here is where it got a little confusing. It seems in an effort to tip the scales the organizers on the Eastport side prepared two lists of the tug order which left the Annapolis side scrambling.

The Prince George’s County Fire Department (for the Annapolis side) was supposed to tug against the Annapolis Fire Department but ended up losing to the Eastport backed 12 Labours Crossfit.  The Annapolis Women’s team was supposed to go last, but Eastport put their team on the rope first, so Annapolis scrambled to bet the women on the line. In the end, the lack of proper warm-up (Eastportoricans can be sneaky) for the Annapolis ladies cost them the tug and the Eastport women’s team took the honors.

The final tug of the day was supposed to be women, but Eastport put the fire department on the line, so Annapolis answered with the Foundation Fitness team that had yet to pull. They proved to a mighty tug team and handily defeated the Annapolis Fire Department.

Despite solid wins from Navy and Foundation Fitness, Eastport took the afternoon with 5 wins.

But it is all in good fun and raises an awful lot of money for local non-profits. Many thanks to the volunteers that keep this quirky tradition alive for twenty-two years. Bring on Tug XXIII–Mark your calendar–November 7, 2020!

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