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Pass Your Cisco 200-125 exam and take your IT career to the next level

Computer networking is hot! Interested in a a career? Wondering where to begin? While Anne Arundel Community College is a fantastic place to begin your career, it’s never wise to go in blind. Here are some of the technical considerations you might want to consider as you embark on a career in networking.

The growth of wireless technology has led to a rise in demand for networking professionals. However, in order to work with both wired and wireless networks, professionals need to understand what’s involved.

To succeed, any business or organization with a network need to be assured  that the network  is optimally supported, monitored, and configured. That’s why Cisco, a leading networking firm, created a program which is designed to equip professionals with the skills required to design and run these systems effectively. You can  download your free ETE files here to get a peek.

Through exams and certifications, Cisco has managed to meet the network needs of medium sized businesses to large enterprises for decades. One of the most current ones is the Cisco 200-125 WIFUND exam. This test will help you become a certified Wireless Networking Expert as you’ll earn the CCNA Routing & Switching certification after passing it. 200-125 is the only exam that you’ll be required to pass to earn your credential.

Let’s get down to what 200-125 exam involves and discuss why passing it could take your IT career to the next level.

Updates to Cisco credentials

Cisco has recently announced expected changes to their exams and certifications. Most of the current certifications will be retired by the end of February, 2020. This means their related exams will also retire. These changes are needed to keep up with changes in the marketplace; hence, the new exams and credentials. But any exams and certifications currently underway, will be allowed to complete.

Cisco 200-125 exam: skills measured

This Cisco WIFUND exam tests your familiarity with RF (Radio Frequency) as well as 802.11 technology requirements. It also assesses your capability to install, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot wireless networks to support small and medium enterprises. Here are the topics the exam is likely to cover:

  • RF fundamentals
  • 11 technology essentials
  • Wireless networks implementation and operation
  • Client connectivity configuration
  • Troubleshooting client connectivity
  • Site survey process

Cisco 200-125 exam details

The 90-minute long Cisco exam consists of 60-70 questions. You’ll be answering questions that likely will include fill-in-the-blank, simulations, drag-and-drops, testlets, multiple-choices, and simlets.

Why pass Cisco 200-125 exam?

Cisco exams are created to ensure that all candidates understand exam requirements and can carry out the expected technical tasks. But the key value is in advancing a career:

1.You become certified in your area of specialization

Certifications from Cisco are in demand everywhere. The CCNA Routing & Switching credential is one of them.

2.Certification demonstrates wireless skills

With the CCNA Routing & Switching certification, you won’t have to keep re-explaining your skillset. This credential would be enough to show that you have mastered them.

3.Finding employment becomes easier

The moment you pass your exam and receive your credential, your chances of landing a career increase. Employers prefer tangible evidence of skills when hiring. These are jobs positions that are currently looking for a certified wireless specialist:

  • Wireless network engineer
  • Wireless network technician
  • Network operations technician
  • Network systems administrator

4.Enhanced salary 

Compensation packages for you as a certified wireless professional would be higher compared to that of your non-certified colleagues. According to Glassdoor, certified Wireless Network Professionals can earn an average salary of $73,000 per year.

5.Promotions and opportunities for growth

Passing 200-125 test is a superb way to get a promotion and put you ahead of others. Companies and employers would rather promote someone who has solid proof of skills.

Recommended study materials for Cisco 200-125 test

So, how to pass the test? One of the most highly recommended way to study for your exam is to use the PrepAway website which will include tools such as:

  • Video courses

The PrepAway video lectures provide you with detailed coverage of the topics. You’ll also encounter real-life examples to help you enhance your knowledge in wireless technology. This will boost your exam performance significantly.

  • Cisco 200-125 practice tests

Studying with practice tests helps you cover and remember the exam material. Not only will it cover the required material, but it is laid out just like the real exam so there are no surprises for you. Plus, you will get instant feedback with the answers presented immediately for confirmation or further review.

Final thoughts

A career in networking is worth all the trouble. Climbing the ladder might seem impossible, but with commitment, it’s well within reach. Once you ace your Cisco 200-125 exam, your IT career can only grow up. A promising job, an enhanced salary, and the possibility for promotion are things that you’ll be enjoying once you overcome this hurdle.

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