February 1, 2023
Annapolis, US 30 F

Learn how to punch properly at the upcoming Annapolis Home Expo

On Saturday afternoon, September 21st, come on out to the Annapolis Home Expo and  hear craft cocktail mixologist and lecturer Brian Lopina give a historical/hysterical/practical talk about how you can entertain at home around a bowl of punch.

Brian’s passion for potions was inherited from his grandfather, a pre-Prohibition Chicago saloon owner. His talk will feature an engaging exploration of punch; a how-to guide; a bit of comedic magic; one-of-a-kind conversation pieces from Brian’s world class collection of unique cocktail shakers, liquor decanters, stemware, and other paraphernalia; and three of the most delicious cocktails you have ever tasted, complete with recipes to take home!

He will serve three famous punches that you can make at home with ease and fanfare.

  • Martha Washington’s Rum Punch – George and Martha served punch A LOT, putting their 35 different punch bowls to good use. Their favorite? Martha’s own punch recipe.
  • Philadelphia Fish House Punch – Consumed happily by delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1789. It was a lubricant that forged compromise.
  • Punch Romaine – The last moment of merriment: served on the Titanic just before it hit the iceberg.
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