April 22, 2024
Annapolis, US 43 F

Legacy Business Spotlight: The Rams Head Group

The Rams Head Group is celebrating 30 years in business (in 2019) and it is hard to believe.

We speak with Bill Muehlhauser an Annapolis car salesman who sat in what is known as the “down bar” and decided he wanted to own it. And he did!

We discuss the expansion of Rams Head from that single tavern to the Rams Head On Stage, Rams Head Roadhouse, Rams Head Shorehouse, Rams Head Dockside, and now Rams Head Southernmost.

We learned of a venue in New York, an office in New Orleans, and a potential new venue in Greenville. News flash, we learn that the Silopanna Music Festival is likely to make a return and that there is a container ship full of Fordham and Dominion beer headed to China and Japan.

The secret is out about Muehlhauser selling the majority of his stake n the company last fall and the plans they have for the future!  My keyword in this spotlight is “WOW”!

Up next Saturday: Annapolis Sailing School!

Want to hear some of our past spotlights? Here’s your link to them all!



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