February 3, 2023
Annapolis, US 38 F

Darkly funny student film, “Ghost in Context” to premiere this Friday in Annapolis

Filmsters Academy is a summer camp that gives students the chance to experience what it is truly like to produce a movie from beginning to end and how to work on a professional movie set. The annual Advanced Film is an exciting invite only program. Over the course of two weeks, students learn pitching, pre-production, shooting, and post-production through the hands-on experience of creating a short film . This year’s film was shot over one weekend, in the Annapolis area and filmed with an Arri Alexa camera with the help of visiting film professionals from New York and Los Angeles.

“Ghost in Context” is a dark comedy about Martin, an average 30-something who still lives with his domineering mother. After an embarrassing incident at the local bingo night, Martin is visited by a friendly, nonverbal “sheet ghost” who attempts to help him solve his multitude of problems.

The film is written and directed by Mason Standish, and produced by Isabela Cividanes and Ryan Squires. The film stars Hayes Biche (Martin), Lucy Spiegel (Mother), Lizzie Roberts (Ghost), and Jean Rosolino (Constance).

The student director, Mason Standish haas been a part of the Filmsters program for years, but was a first time director this year which was an enlightening experience for him “This was my 8th year at Filmsters and my third advanced film and this way by far one of the smoothest shoots I’ve ever been a part of. Everybody was game since day one which really put out such a positive energy on set.”

While on set, these students got the privilege of working with high quality film professionals: director Trevor White ( Ingrid Goes West, The Post, Jamesy Boy ), sound expert Steve Saada ( House of Cards, The Purge: Election Year, Baby Driver, Parks and Recreation ), and director of photography Chris Walters ( What Comes Around, Walk My Elephant, Sandpaper ).

Joel Cowart, the sound production and editing student found that “working with industry professionals on set this year truly helped me to understand more about the importance of collaboration on set and in the film industry as a whole.”

“Ghost in Context” wouldn’t be possible without the incredibly talented founders of Filmsters Academy, Patti White and Lee Anderson. There will be a free screening of this and nine other Filmsters shorts on August 9th, 2019 at 7pm at The Key School. Plans are underway to submit this film to film festivals across the country.

Visit www.filmstersacademy.com or call 410-263-3023 office/field 410-353-8808 or email [email protected] for more information.

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