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Best online shopping reviews for 2019

These days many people never go to shops. It is possible to do all our shopping online in different stores and simply have the goods delivered to our door.

While there are many online retailers it is not always easy to find a reputable store where your data will be safe, and your goods delivered on time.

When thinking about online shopping there are some things to consider:

  • Because you will need to give the online store some of your personal information such as address and banking information, it is vitally important that they keep your data private.
  • You want an online store to be able to deliver your purchases in a timely manner. The online store should be open about the delivery times so you can make an educated choice about using them or looking elsewhere.
  • A good online store will offer a selection of the same item so you can choose between them.
  • Online stores should offer prices which are less than what you would pay in a retail store. They can do this because they do not have the overhead expenses of a retail store.
  • Customer service. The online store should offer good customer service. Things will go astray, and orders may arrive damaged – or not arrive at all. There needs to be a dedicated Customer Service department for you to contact.

Google Maps

There are some online platforms which do more than sell goods. Sites like Google Maps might be someplace to look for a reputable store. Google Maps? Yes.

We all know Google Maps can route you to your destination and suggest alternate routes and monitor traffic in a near-real-time world.

But, one of the additional features of Google Maps is that it offers you suggestions for things in the area such as gas stations, restaurants, supermarkets, doctors and pretty much any service you may need.

If you can’t decide which restaurant to head for, you can check out best reviews online and then make a decision.

Google maps also works for overseas countries. You can get to know an area even before you book your flight!


This is another site which is more than a social platform. Users can post comments about things they like and do as well as places they have been.

Users can buy and sell goods and you can also order food this way. And with their massive user base, Facebook can be a great source for finding the right restaurant or shop.

Facebook is user-friendly and available to everyone. Your content can be either shared publicly or only with people you select.

Privacy controls are customizable so users can decide who sees their information and third parties cannot intervene.


Most people like the thought that the company they buy things from has a good reputation. We also like to know that other people have been happy with the company and the service.

This is where Yelp comes into the picture. Yelp is a website which works as a directory for local businesses. It makes no difference whether the business is big or small or in which city it is located. Yelp has information about businesses in cities all over the world and in 15 different languages.

Yelp offers information based on customer reviews and companies who register with them so you may find answers to questions such as:

  • Which local restaurant has fastest delivery time?
  • Who is the local doctor?
  • What time does the dentist open?
  • Which shop stocks a speciality product?
  • Which hotel is closest to the beach?

After you have visited the restaurant or doctor or bought your speciality product you can leave a review about your experience. This will help the next person who asks that question.

One good thing with Yelp is that businesses very seldom ask their customers to leave a review because this would mean that only satisfied customers left their reviews. Everyone is encouraged to leave a review no matter how good or bad their experience was. Reviews are therefore more balanced.

Summing Up

It seems that using online platforms in our daily life is the way the world is moving. Even kids know how to navigate around the internet and buy things from online stores.

While it is very convenient to make use of online stores, we should be careful about the personal information we have to give out. Companies we choose should be reputable and careful with whom they share our data, otherwise we may find that our safety is compromised, and identity theft takes place.

Whichever online companies you use, you should make sure to check them out before you part with any money or personal information. The suggestions provided here will enable you to do this by researching them online and checking what other people have to say about them.

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