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Vaping 101: Terms you should know

Every newbie in vaping gets confused with terms used to vape. You are not alone, after all, everyone was a beginner at one time. Don’t let tanks, mods, coils, juice, ohm, clearomizers and other terms confuse you. Sooner or later you will get used to them.

Remember; your aim is to stop smoking addiction, which will eventually lead to becoming free from any kind of smoking or vaping. However, if you are using vaping as a means to quit, you need to know the basics. Let’s dive into it.

How Does A Vaping Kit Work?

Of course, this is the big question that every beginner has. The answer is relatively simple, in the tank you have e-liquid which you choose depending on your tastes and preferences (sometimes it is hard to find your ideal flavor at the beginning but eventually you will; just keep trying).

There is a cotton wick inside the tank that usually absorbs the e-liquid or what is called juice. When you activate your kit, the coil/clearomizer gets heated up making the juice evaporate. That’s what you inhale as the vapor. That’s quite different from smoking your cigarette. It’s not smoke.

So; how much is a vape starter kit? More likely than not, you will want to get a kit to start. There are many sites that sell these kits, which of course vary depending on their quality, designs, and type of equipment used.

What Constitutes an E-cig?

This is an alternative to a vaping starter kit. E-cigs come in various types to address various needs. Although it may seem to be a complicated device, it’s just a simple kit that converts liquid to vapor.

The atomizer, which refers to the entire device, usually comes in 3 unique forms namely: glassomizer, cartomizer, and clearomizer. These basically describe their styles. Every e-cig usually has 3 important parts namely: the coils, the tank, and the “mod” which is another name for the battery.

The main function of the mod is to power the entire device and is a replacement of the matches and lighters that smokers use. The battery can be charged or you can keep replacing them. The coils are in a coil shape and their function is to heat up the juice to an extent that it evaporates.  The tank holds the wick, coil, and the juice.

Once you know how the devices work, and the various parts, you can start on your journey. And as always, being better informed will prevent you from being misled in the market.

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