June 21, 2024
Annapolis, US 69 F

BONUS CONTENT: Beer, Military Bowl, A Miracle on Annapolis Street



Today, we continue our monthly series (no set schedule other than monthly) about beer.  We have a huge distributer of beer right here in Annapolis–Katcef Brothers Inc. and they have a ton of experts on hand to de-mystify beer for us.  Now, full disclosure–I like beer! I like beer a lot!  But, I am not a beer snob and a Bud Light will suit me just fine.

This month, Lauren Hamilton joined us again and brought along Charlie Oxendine from Katcef and we’re talking Military Bowl and beer.

There is a lot of pomp and circumstance along with the Military Bowl–a few more times to nominate a hero in the Who’s Your Hero contest. A Miracle on Annapolis Street. A parade with the Clydesdales. A tailgate. A bowl game. And New Years!  And in between all that we try out some great winter beers– Devil’s Backbone Danzig, Dominion’s Morning Glory, and Victory’s Storm King.  (My vote is the Danzig) And they created this crazy concoction called a Sofierita!

Have a listen!


Come along on our beer journey!

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