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GUEST COLUMN: Torrey Snow–My hesitancy with ACT

Editor’s Note: A new organization, ACT, recently held an event with candidates for public office. They asked for commitments from each candidate to meet with the organization monthly. Torrey Snow declined, but offers his reasoning here.

Torrey Snow
Torrey Snow, Candidate, Anne Arundel County Council, District 4

As County Councilman, I have a responsibility to evaluate the various ideas and organizations that seek to play an active role in our communities.  My commitment to public services is unquestioned to anyone that knows me.  Building unity and dialogue in our communities is a relentless passion of mine.  I encourage anyone who is aware of my commitment in these areas to speak up on in my defense, as attempts are made to suggest I am a calloused candidate of divisiveness.

I am happy to report that I had an encouraging but frank conversation with Rev. Stephen Tillett, explaining my reservations about making a commitment to Arundel Connecting Together.  I shared my concerns about how little information there was about ACT, which still does not have a website or social media presence.  I was asked to endorse and support an organization that had no publicly available strategy plan, or no clarifications about what their strict yes/no questions implied.  He made good on a commitment to send me more information about the IAF and their efforts around the region, which I read thoroughly.  He also walked me through the intent and context of the questions asked of me, information that I would have welcomed before-hand.

I recognize my responsibility to serve our entire communities regardless of economic level.  But I am not bashful to admit that I am jealously concerned for the welfare of our pre-dominantly African-American communities.  I am not as drawn to organizations with broad general focuses, as I am to those with very specific objectives.  For this reason, I intend to leverage whatever tools and resources I have, to oversee the successful implementation of Anne Arundel County Chapters for three important national organizations:  The National Black MBA Association, the National Society of Black Engineers, and the National Association of Black Accountants.  I am determined to close the gaps that prevent our residents from taking advantage of the impressive job markets developing around us.

I firmly believe that the presence of these organizations will serve as powerful incentives to improve performance in school.  Furthermore, they will build the morale of parents in the county and create an optimistic view of the future for their children.  These organizations will create natural relationships that by nature transcend any man-made boundaries.  They can reach into communities, and engage young, distracted minds with a passion for entrepreneurship, engineering, or mathematics.

I believe so strongly in this mission, that I intend to grant this project top priority on my community outreach agenda.  Our region of the county is rich with experts in these fields of study, and with the right infrastructure, this effort will have an exponentially effective impact in our communities.  I am reluctant to make any commitments to other organizations, beyond my standing agreement to hear all concerns that impact District 4 residents intently.

I look forward to helping Anne Arundel County residents build connections over mutual interests.  I welcome the support and assistance of any residents and organizations who share my vision.  With the might of our passionate professionals, we can pave the path for success for so many residents in our community.  This is the path so sustainable social policy, and I hope the residents of Anne Arundel County agree with me. #MakeItSnow.

–Torrey Snow

Torrey Snow is a candidate for Anne Arundel County Council, District 4. You can learn more about him here.

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