December 9, 2023
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PETA fires a shot on the crab industry, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood returns fire with guns blazing

What happens when a multi-national corporation with deep pockets tries to put a struggling industry out of business? Well, many would sit back and lament the loss; but John Minadakis from Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore is a scrapper and survivor and he swung back. Hard!

PETA took aim at the crab industry by placing an anti-crab billboard in the center of “crab country”–Baltimore City;  and Jimmy’s Famous Seafood was having none of it. They employ too many people to let down. They contribute to so many charities. They have such a long and rich history in Baltimore. So, like any scrapper worth their weight, Jimmy’s swung back and is winning this war despite zero help or support from other local crab houses that are equally threatened.

Listen as we (The Maryland Crabs) talk  about Jimmy’s Famous Seafood and the history, the people, the contributions, and yes–the war on Peta with John Minadakis, one of the owners of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood.

And if you are not familiar with the war, this article is a good summary, but the real gold is in their Twitter feed.  Do yourself a favor, set aside 30 minutes to scroll back through it. And when you are done, find some time to head up to Holabird Avenue, give them a high-five and a hug and eat some tasty crabs. Tell them we sent you and get a “oh that’s nice” in return! #GetFamous


PS: And if you are wondering who is behind the Twitter account…well, you are just going to have to wait and see. Jimmy’s, always looking for a way to give back, is working with Make-A-Wish to raise some money before they make the big reveal! Stay tuned.

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