July 13, 2024
Annapolis, US 87 F

PRIMARY PRIMER: Final thoughts as we head to the polls (podcast 7:08)

Earlier this week, I opined on slates. And as more negative mailers hit my mailbox and more questionable accusations surfaced, I began to think.

What’s really at work here?

The nation is upset about possible Russian influence in our elections. Yet, when the influence originates here, we turn a blind eye? Negative mailers, false accusations, slanted endorsements, early endorsements….the list goes on. Why are we complicit to allow this type of influence?

The League of Conservation Voters regularly releases their endorsements BEFORE the deadline to file even arrives. It’s a good thing John Jame Audubon didn’t decide to run at the last minute!

On Friday night, I scribbled down some thoughts and recorded a very brief podcast (7:08 to be exact) questioning it.


Make sure you check out some of our other election coverage. We spoke with many candidates in selected races (Podcast), we had two opinion pieces (here and here), and we also questioned John Leopold at length about his re-entry into the political scene in Anne Arundel (spoiler: there are some surprises that will give you pause).

In the end, all I am suggesting is that you cast your votes on Tuesday with a clear mind and with a clear conscience.  Make your selections based on who is good for you–not the desires of a political fat cat or endorsements from the union or your local paper or a negative mailer. There’s still time to do some legwork and learn about those you want to represent you.

Make your vote count!

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