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GUEST COLUMN: In support of Kathy Rogers

Kathy Rogers
Kathy Rogers

As a resident of this County for more than 57 years, I have watched with interest this race for State’s Attorney. In addition to being a resident for so many years and having raised my family here, I served 33 years with the Anne Arundel County Police Department.

Due to my service, I’ve had the opportunity to see first-hand how the Office of the State’s Attorney serves the citizens of the County. I have learned how important it is that the leader be a person with a keen sense of service, a person who possesses strong ethical leadership qualities, and a person who has compassion for victims of crimes, to mention only a few attributes required.

Experience has proven that the leader of this office, although elected, must make every effort to remain apolitical. A look at recent events, over the past few years, both here in this County and in Baltimore City reveals the harm that can be done when elected officials try to politicize local law enforcement or law enforcement events. In our County, a County Executive was convicted of crimes and sentenced to jail for misuse of law enforcement resources. In Baltimore City, six officers were charged with crimes for actions that were later determined to be at worst, mistakes made on the street. These officers were later exonerated by the judicial system.   Kathy Rogers has served the citizens of this County for over 28 years. My professional and personal observations of her have shown me that the one thing she is NOT is a politician. In fact, her core values and decisions have always been solely based on what is right and just under the laws of Maryland. Her concern was always what was best for the victims of crimes while remaining objective and fair to the accused defendant.

I worked with Kathy Rogers during my career and can assure the citizens of this County that she is not one that will test the wind for political expediency before making policy that impacts the citizens of our County.

I have never worked with the current State’s Attorney, but I’ve watched closely as the opioid epidemic hit this County several years ago while he held office. I was disappointed in his extremely slow response in addressing this crisis. In fact, it wasn’t until this election year that a serious effort was made to enhance prosecution of those responsible for distributing this weapon of death that has killed so many of our citizens.

Kathy Rogers is an experienced prosecutor who possesses the moral courage to be aggressive in the prosecution of drug crimes and gang-related activities infecting this County. She is a conservative leader with the motivation to quickly address issues affecting our communities. She is not one to sit back and watch, or to wait and see how her actions are politically viewed. She will simply do what is right.

As a long time law enforcement professional and citizen of this County, I will be voting on June 26th for Kathy Rogers for State’s Attorney for Anne Arundel County. I encourage you to join me.

–Thomas Shanahan

Editor’s Note: Shanahan is a former Chief of Police for Anne Arundel County

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