May 28, 2024
Annapolis, US 79 F

5 killed in Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis

UPDATE: CBS News is identifying the shooter as Jarrod Ramos who had a long running feud with The Capital, it’s former Editor Tom Marquardt, and former columnist Eric Hartley.

UPDATE:  Police have said that the suspect is from Maryland and that he has been identified via facial recognition. He has mutilated his fingertips and fingerprints to (presumably) avoid identification.

UPDATE:  A phone line has been established for family and friends seeking information regarding the incident at 410-768-5522

UPDATE:  Photos from the scene from Glenn A. Miller Photography | Glenn A. Miller

UPDATE:  From the 530pm press briefing. The suspect is in custody and is NOT cooperating. They do not have an ID on him just yet.  He is a white male in his 20s and used a long gun as a weapon.  Here is the audio update.


Per police… suspect in Annapolis shooting is NOT cooperating. Per other media sources it is a WM in his 20s

UPDATE:  Chilling tweets from Phil Davis at The Capital

UPDATE: Updated: The following employees of the Capital Gazette HAVE been seen or heard from. Rick Hutzell, Paul Gillespie, Joshua McKerrow, Pat Furgurson, Chase Cook, Phil Davis. Bill Wagner, Selene San Felice, Anthony Messenger

UPDATE:  Police confirming that there are now 5 dead.

UPDATE: Have also heard that Bill Wagner is also safe.

UPDATE:  The following employees of the Capital HAVE been heard from or seen on the scene.  Rick Hutzell, Paul Gillespie, Joshua McKerrow, Pat Fergurson, Chase Cook, Phil Davis.

UPDATE:  4 people confirmed dead. At least 1 injured. ATF is on scene they have discovered suspicious packages and are investigating if there is a bomb in the building. The shooter HAS been apprehended.

We are hearing reports of a shooting in the 800 block of Bestgate Road across from the Westfield Annapolis Mall. While not confirmed, the dispatch indicated that this was in the Capital Gazette office suite.

From a first responder on the scene there are reported 4 down and approximately 10 shots were fired.
Anne Arundel County, Maryland State Police, and Annapolis Police are all responding and police departments responding and many roads are being closed as search is underway for a suspect.
Stay tuned.
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