March 2, 2024
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Kamenetz releases plan for education

Valerie Ervin and Kevin Kamenetz

Baltimore County Executive and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kevin Kamenetz recently released his Real Results Blueprint for Maryland’s Schools, a snapshot of the gubernatorial candidate’s education priorities and proposals to return Maryland’s schools to the nation’s best.

The Kamenetz-Ervin strategic blueprint includes proposals to offer universal Pre-K, end the privatization of public schools, address inequities impacting Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and ensure debt-free community college through the creation of a statewide Maryland Promise program.

The full proposal is available here.

“Maryland must fulfill our state’s moral obligation to provide all of our children a high-quality education that will prepare them for success in the 21st-century economy,” said Kevin Kamenetz. “As governor, I’ll bring the same type of results I’ve brought to Baltimore County across our state to ensure the quality of a child’s education should never depend on his or her zip code.”

For years, Maryland’s public schools were ranked the best in the nation. However, under Governor Hogan’s watch, Maryland has fallen to the middle of the pack in educational outcomes. Maryland’s current policies reflect a consistent lack of commitment to supporting Maryland’s students and educators.

Public education will be the Kamenetz-Ervin administration’s top priority.

“Throughout my career, I’ve worked to improve the educational system, fighting to make a difference for all of our children. As Maryland’s next lieutenant governor, I know Kevin and I can make our state a place where every child can succeed,” said Kamenetz’s running mate Valerie Ervin. “Together, we have the experience ready to govern on day one and will work together to expand opportunity in every community.”

Below is a highlight of proposals included in the Kamenetz-Ervin Real Results Blueprint for Maryland’s Schools:

  • Universal Pre-K: Prioritizing early childhood education to provide universal high-quality, full-day Pre-K.
  • Debt-Free Community College: Make tuition-free community college a reality for every Maryland family by creating the statewide Maryland Promise program.
  • HBCU Equity: Implement a Thornton Commission model to address funding inequities impacting Maryland’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to ensure that these institutions are comparable and competitive with Maryland’s other universities.
  • No Child Hungry: Ensure that every student in need has access to free breakfast and lunch, every school day, so that no child in Maryland goes hungry.
  • Eliminate Disparities: Modernize and streamline funding formulas to eliminate historical disparities and provide local jurisdictions with the resources they need.
  • End Privatization of Public Schools: Renew Maryland’s commitment to ensuring that public funding supports public education by eliminating efforts to privatize our schools.
  • Close the Achievement Gap: Take meaningful steps to close the achievement gap, such as expanding investments in early childhood education, pursuing dynamic distribution of resources for school systems, closing the digital divide in rural and urban jurisdictions, and increasing support for alternative learning opportunities.
  • Increase Advanced Learning Opportunities: Expand support for vocational, professional training, and career and technology education (CTE) to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a 21st-century job market.
  • Fulfill Maryland’s Commitment to Dreamers: Remove barriers to learning for immigrant students at all of Maryland’s state four-year colleges and universities.

The Kamenetz-Ervin proposal will build upon Kamenetz’ record of progress as Baltimore County Executive where he:

  • Championed the largest school construction program in the history of our County: a $1.3 billion investment to build or rebuild 90 schools that is taking kids out of trailers and into modern learning environments.
  • Created 21st century classrooms, putting digital devices in to the hands of every student and Wi-Fi in every building.
  • Started foreign language classes in the 4th grade and encouraging every child to graduate fluent in a second language.
  • Introduced the Early College High School program that allows students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and an Associate’s degree from our community college—tuition free.
  • Proposed the Baltimore County College Promise program to provide tuition-free community college to qualifying high school graduates in Baltimore County.
  • Implemented over $13 million in school security upgrades, including enhanced security entrance protocols; interior and exterior camera feeds at every school made accessible 24/7 to all Baltimore County police officers; and placing uniformed school resource officers in every middle and high school.

As a result, Baltimore County’s graduation rate has increased every year, exceeding the state average, approaching 90 percent, while eliminating disparities in graduation rates between African American and white students.

“To return Maryland’s schools to the best in the nation, we must take a comprehensive, innovative, and outcome-based approach to supporting students from pre-school, on through graduation, and then into the workforce,” Kamenetz added. “Together we can improve outcomes from cradle to career. That’s what I’ve accomplished as Baltimore County Executive and it’s exactly what I will do as Maryland’s next governor.”

Read the Real Results Blueprint here.

More information about the Kamenetz-Ervin campaign can be found at:

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