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6 absolute must-sees in Maryland

No doubt, Maryland is one of the most beautiful states with its colorful and charming coastal towns, woods, lakes, rivers, parks and a whole array of various attractions. And if you were given only three words to closely describe the state of Maryland, you would definitely call it “America in miniature” and if you’re literally dying to see why so many travelers call it that, you should go there and explore some of the truly marvelous destinations in this state. And seeing it with someone special is so much better. Here are ten absolute must-sees in Maryland.

  1. Baltimore

Baltimore is a city with a great vibe and friendly people that can provide each and every visitor with a totally unique experience. Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. And the economic hub is best known for its numerous museums and world-class medical care.

The city’s history dates back to the early 17th century and since that time Baltimore has been a key player in trade, wars and business. There are all kinds of tour options available if you’ve decided to spend your day to exploring Baltimore, including numerous romantic tours for you and your bride, students and those traveling on their own.

  1. Thurmont

Thurmont is a small country town located near the Pennsylvania border, and is widely known for hosting Camp David, the Presidential retreat. The local art and craft festival Catoctin Colorfest held annually attracts thousands of guests every fall.

Cunningham Falls State Park is a remarkable location for going hiking, camping, and viewing scenic waterfalls. Thurmont’s quaint Main Street is just perfect for unhurried strolls and shopping. In addition, you simply can’t miss out the famous murals located next to the Trolley Trail. The town itself is surrounded by picturesque orchards and wineries in addition to an absolutely wonderful farmers’ eco market.

If you’re traveling with kids, they’d love to pet the animals while on the safari ride through the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo. And if you’d like to learn some more facts from the city’s rich history, be sure to head to the Main Street Center, which is in downtown Thurmont.

  1. Pasadena, Downs Park

Downs Park is a wonderfully amazing park located right on Chesapeake Bay in Anne Arundel County offering a range of entertaining activities that take place throughout the entire park. Hikers will certainly enjoy the park’s 5 miles of natural paved trails.

Downs Park also provides the opportunities to host a picnic, party, or some other events.

  1. Chesapeake City

Chesapeake City is a city with a significant historical value as the town is home to many historical mansions, galleries, and stores that are now restored to their original state.

In addition, the city owns a large collection of antique clothing, gifts, prints, dating back centuries. Chesapeake City is a charming location with its Victorian houses and iconic beauty making it an ideal destination for a vacation retreat, a weekend getaway, or just a quick day trip.

  1. Fell’s Point

Fell’s Point is a wonderful waterfront neighborhood of Baltimore established back in 1673. While there are a lot of souvenir shops it is home to some of the City’s favorite coffee shops, cozy cafes, music stores, and pubs. And don’t forget the large market!

  1. Catoctin Mountain Park

Catoctin Mountain Park is a National Park Service park located in Thurmont.

The park welcomes hikers and campers from all the United States mainly because of its scenic vistas and diversified ecosystem that caters to many different species of plants and animals in the area. Tourists can explore all of its beauties while hiking the trails navigating with a compass and map—or the GPS on your phone!



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