May 23, 2024
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Annapolis based Customer Service Experts celebrating 25 years

Customer Service Experts (CSE), the leader in airport customer service development, celebrates twenty-five years of partnering with organizations to design strategies and provide resources to create innovative, customized service culture initiatives which deliver exceptional customer experiences and increased profit margins.

Founded in 1993 by Lise D’Andrea and based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, CSE began providing mystery shopping, training, and consulting services to retail, food and beverage, and shopping center programs in major markets in the United States. After relocating to Annapolis, Maryland in 2000, CSE launched an industry-first, ground-breaking concessions service development program at Ronald Reagan National Airport.  Since then, CSE has provided services for over 100 airport clients in the US and Canada and are considered the innovative leader in service development for the airport industry.

Over the last quarter of a century, Customer Service Experts has experienced steady growth and profitability, celebrating their most successful year in 2017.  With consistent portfolio growth, team expansion, and strategic thought leadership in airport customer experience and service culture trends, CSE has built their business by practicing what they preach.  “Along with our valued partners and clients, our CSE team is proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary!  We are energized by our steady growth and ever-evolving thought leadership in airport customer experience.  We will continue to design, develop, and deliver innovative service culture strategies via airport-wide collaboration to optimize airport customer service for the benefit of passengers and employees alike,” says D’Andrea, founder and CEO.

Proven expertise and acute understanding of airport dynamics and organizational culture enables CSE to design and implement leading-edge, customized programs that address the unique needs of airport authorities, brands, and passengers while simultaneously building customer loyalty and profitability.  CSE provides customized solutions including:

  • Customer service training
  • Train the Trainer (T3) 
  • eLearning 
  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer surveys
  • Employee surveys
  • Customer experience (CX) strategy 
  • Service culture design and sustainability
  • Service standards development
  • Performance management and coaching
  • Reward and recognition programs

Customer Service Experts key highlights over the past 25 years:

  • 1993:  Founded by Lise D’Andrea and originally based in the Philadelphia area, CSE began providing customer service consulting, mystery shopping, and training services to retail, food and beverage, and shopping center programs in major markets in the United State.
  • 1998:  CSE hires its first full-time employee and becomes an active member of Mystery Shop Providers Association (MSPA).
  • 2000:  CSE relocates and incorporates in Annapolis, Maryland and launches an industry-first innovative and branded customer service development program at Ronald Reagan National Airport.
  • 2003:  CSE continues to develop airport-wide service solutions and becomes certified in the state of Maryland as a MBE/DBE/SBE.
  • 2004:  CSE acquires customer service firm, Resort Loyalty, Incorporated out of Breckenridge, Colorado and expands their offices to a larger location in Annapolis, Maryland.
  • 2005:  President and CEO, Lise D’Andrea, is voted to the board of directors of the Mystery Shop Professionals Association, and serves for eight years in various roles.
  • 2006:  CSE continues their strategic focus in the airport industry and relocates to their current corporate headquarters at 2901 Riva Trace Parkway, Annapolis, Maryland.
  • 2011:  CSE introduces their trademarked eC2® (Every Connection Counts) service culture model, helping clients develop service cultures that drive exceptional employee and customer experiences.  Patty Thompson, Director of Talent and Learning and Development, becomes a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) from the accredited Association for Talent Development.
  • 2016:  Airports, food and beverage, and retail markets become CSE’s strategic focus, adding two prominent large-hub, airport-wide programs, contracting with several national chain concessions groups, and creating benchmark training and measurement programming for airport operations organizations and service partners.  President and CEO, Lise D’Andrea, is awardedSmartCEOmagazine’s Brava! award.
  • 2017:  CSE celebrates their 25th anniversary and their most successful year to date, providing services for over 100 airport customer experience and service development projects, and are recognized as the innovative leader in service development for the airport industry.
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