February 26, 2024
Annapolis, US 57 F

UPDATE: USNA 2017 grad from Pennsylvania charged in yesterday’s Duke of Gloucester burglary

Kevin Leyland
Kevin Leyland

UPDATE:  Kevin Leyland was a 2017 Graduate of the US Naval Academy.

A man from Cheltenham, Pennsylvania has been charged in relation to the burglary on Duke of Gloucester Street yesterday.  Police confronted the suspect, Kevin Leyland (22), in the home. Leyland broke out a third floor window attempting to elude police and fell three stories where he ran again, and was ultimately detained. He was transported to a hospital and released and the police served him with a criminal summons (no arrest) for the burglary. He also was charged with four other counts. It is unknown why he was served a criminal summons as opposed to being arrested upon release from the hospital.

During the scuffle, an Annapolis Police officer fired his service weapon. There were no reported injuries from the gunshot, however the Annapolis Police Department is investigating the circumstances surrounding the discharge.

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