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Baltimore Soundstage: State Champs, Moose Blood, and Simple Plan

As if you needed a reason to head to Baltimore and Baltimore Soundstage to hear great live music….here are five more solid reasons beginning on Monday!

Moose Blood 3/13

English heartthrobs Moose Blood are coming to the Baltimore Soundstage on March 13th. You can grab your tickets here, but hurry! They’re bound to sell out.

Moose Blood is a newer emo band, formed in 2012 in Canterbury, Kent. They consist of Eddy Brewerton(vocals and guitar), Glenn Harvey(drums), Mark E. Osborne(guitar), and Kyle Todd (bass).If you like bands like New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, or The Get Up Kids, you will LOVE Moose Blood. Check out their super catchy song “Honey” here (and fall in love). They currently have two albums out (that you can pick up here as well as some rad t-shirts) and are on tour with some killer bands.

Australian band Trophy Eyes, Hopeless Records label-mates with Moose Blood, are for fans of Citizen, The Wonder Years, or Counterparts. You can listen to Trophy Eyes’ song Chlorine here.

Boston Manor is from the UK as well. They’re for fans of The 1975 (because of the music, not the accents), Knuckle Puck, and ROAM. You can hear their song “Lead Feet” here.

A Will Away is the last band on this delightful tour. If you like any of the other bands mentioned, you will adore A Will Away. You can watch them rock out and destroy a car in this music video, “Here Again.”


St. Patty’s Banger 3/17

If you don’t yet have plans to get wasted for St. Patrick’s Day, then boy, do I have a show for you. Baltimore Soundstage is letting the locals rule for the night on 3/17. They have great bands playing, such as 3PM, Others May Fall, The Great Heights Band, The Stifled, and Underdog Champs. Not old enough to drink? Don’t worry! This is an all ages show. Old enough to drink? Don’t worry! In addition to the ticket, you can purchase a $30 wristband that grants you ALL YOU CAN DRINK access! That way, you can drink your friends under the table! Please be responsible and take a cab or Lyft home though.

Besides the drinking, you’ll also be seeing some pretty awesome bands play. These local bands are known for putting on a great show, and you’ll be supporting the local scene. It’s a win-win! 3PM is straight out of Baltimore, and sound similar to another Baltimore band, All Time Low. Their energy is sure to help get your groove on! Others May Fall is a party-loving rock band out of Annapolis. The Great Heights Band, a crowd favorite, is based out of Baltimore as well. They have played festivals such as Launch Music Conference, and even opened for Bayside! You can listen to my favorite TGHB song, “Come Around”, here. The Stifled, another Baltimore band, is more punk than the other bands. Lastly, we have Underdog Champs, the sweethearts of the scene. Although they are from Richmond, they’re well known in the Baltimore/ Annapolis area, as they play here regularly. You can listen to their song “Picked Last” here.

All-in-all, it’s going to be an unforgettable night. You can support these bands by buying your tickets here.

New Found Glory 3/22


Are you ready to celebrate 20 years of pop-punk? Pop-punk legends New Found Glory are hitting the stage at Baltimore Soundstage on March 22nd. Unfortunately, the show is sold out- and for good reason. Every concert-goer that purchased an online ticket also received their unreleased album, “Makes Me Sick,” for free. The album is slated for release on April 28th, 2017. New Found Glory released one of the songs early, and you can watch the music video for “Happy Being Miserable” here– but be warned, it might make you queasy!

Simple Plan 3/26

Award winning band Simple Plan is coming to Baltimore Soundstage to celebrate their 15 year anniversary of “No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls.” This pop-punk album has hits such as “I’d Do Anything,” “Perfect,” and “Addicted.” Unfortunately, Simple Plan’s show is sold out as well. “No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls” was certified double platinum, which means over 2 million copies of the album were sold in the U.S. alone. Don’t have tickets? Well, you can head on over to their online store to pick up some sweatshirts, and their latest album on vinyl.

State Champs 5/7

State Champs, Against the Current, With Confidence, and Don Broco will be stopping in at Baltimore Soundstage on May 7th for a night of fast paced, fun music. Tickets can be purchased here.

State Champs is a pop-punk band based out of Albany, New York. Still a fairly new band, State Champs have only released two albums, “The Finer Things” and “Around the World and Back.” You can listen to their single “Elevated” here.

Against the Current is a female-fronted 3 piece band from Poughkeepsie, New York. Their style of music is pop-rock, but they lean heavily towards the pop side. They released their first album, “In Our Bones” just last year. They have toured with acts such as Set It Off, The Ready Set, and Metro Station. Against  the Current has even played Warped Tour, and the Glamour Kills Spring Break Tour. You can listen to their energetic cover of “Uptown Funk” here.

With Confidence is an Australian pop-punk band founded in 2012. Their debut album, “Better Weather,” was dropped in June 2016, and climbed to the 22nd spot on the Australian music sales chart. If you like beautiful pairings of vocals and piano, you can listen to With Confidence’s chilling song “Long Night” here.

Lastly is Don Broco. Don Broco is an English alternative rock band from Bedford. Don Broco has two albums out currently, “Priorities” and “Automatic.” This is usually where I would link you to their newest single, but Don Broco has currently not made their videos available in the United States. Sorry guys! You will just have to come out to the show to listen to them.

Say Anything and Bayside 5/17

An unlikely pairing of talent, Say Anything and Bayside are coming to the Baltimore Soundstage on May 17th. You can buy tickets here, but be quick! They are expected to sell out.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Say Anything, aka the great Max Bemis, is a punk rock genius from Los Angeles, California. He and 3 of his friends started the band Say Anything in 2000, but he is the last original member in the band. They released the masterpiece of an album “…Is A Real Boy” in 2004, and issued a re-release with a bonus cd called “…Was A Real Boy” in 2006. These consisted of hits such as “I Want To Know Your Plans,” “Admit It!,” “Alive With The Glory of Love,” and “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too.” From there, Say Anything released a self-titled album, and the total game changer of an album called “Hebrews.” This showed Bemis’ need to challenge himself, as he self produced and used no orchestral instruments instead of guitar riffs. Say Anything’s newest album, released in February of 2016, is called “I Don’t Think It Is.” This album hit 22 on the Billboard’s Independent Albums chart. You can listen to the entire “I Don’t Think It Is” here, as Max Bemis and Equal Vision released the entire album for free on Youtube. You can listen to the snarky anthem of misunderstood teens (a.k.a. “Hate Everyone”) here. Finally, you can listen to the love song to end all love songs, “Alive With The Glory of Love” here. Pro tip: Max Bemis is a lyrical mastermind. Listen specifically to his lyrics, they’re brilliant!

Bayside is another must-see band. Created in 2000, Bayside is one of the big influences on modern day punk rock. They have 7 released albums, the latest one, “Vacancies” was released just last year. Bayside currently consists of singer and guitarist Anthony Raneri, vocalist and guitarist Jack O’Shea, vocalist and bassist Nick Ghanbarian, and drummer Chris Guglielmo. Each of the members bring a unique style to Bayside, which leads the band to unique songs that appeal to everyone. You can listen to Bayside’s hit “Devotion and Desire” here,  and you can pick up some posters, hats, and shirts on Bayside’s online store here.


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