February 8, 2023
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Marianas Trench Bring back the 80’s

IMG_0006The beloved Canadian Pop band Marianas Trench came back to Baltimore Soundstage last night. (you can look at our previous review here.) The occasion was 80’s themed and the band went all in. They had a DJ playing 80’s hits as the crowds of colorful headbands and legwarmers filled the room. Marianas Trench also had posters styled as 80’s movies but including members of the bands in them. The theme was well chosen as Astoria is a concept album based off the cult classic The Goonies which takes place in a town called Astoria.

One of the best parts of Marianas Trench is seeing that attention to detail of their concept albums taken the step further. There seems to be a unity between the music, the artwork, the tours, and the merchandise all furthering that concept. It gives a layer of professionalism that these four Vancouver lads are paying that close attention to what they are doing and the illusion that they are trying to pull off and it works quite well. Even fans get in on the concept and dress up in 80’s garb to be part of something bigger.


Marianas Trench played many of the songs of the recent album, mixed with a number of hits like “Havn’t Had Enough” and “Desperate Measures” off of Ever After. A particular delight, other than Josh’s expansive vocal range, was the band ending their set with “End of an Era”.  This song encompasses most of Astoria and even gives motifs to Ever After, giving a grand crescendo to a great performance. It is also nice that this song shows off the talents of each member of the band well, giving the cherry on top of this musical sundae.

If there is one thing you can count on at a Marianas Trench show, is that the production will be top notch and the music will be great. Hopefully the band will be back in town again soon and maybe with some new music. Another concept album has not been discussed yet but here’s hoping one will be out sooner than the break between the last two. To pick up tickets for the SPF 80’s tour click here. To buy Astoria and listen to “One Love” click here, and for more images from the show, just look below!

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