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Ted Feldman from Bear Hands talks Kerfuffle and 2AM

TedDC 101’s Kerfuffle was last night and we had a chance to sit down with Bear Hands lead guitarist Ted Feldman and ask him a couple questions about the band, their recent album, and some late night stories.

EOA: You’re playing Kerfuffle today with Silver Sun Pickups and Blink-182, You were just on tour with Silver Sun Pickups. Was there anyone else on the roster you played with?

Feldman: Joywave, we played a some shows with them recently. We played larger festivals with the other bands but we never bumped into them.

EOA: I hear the name for your recent album You’ll Pay For This was started by a joke between you and Dylan Rau?

Feldman: We talked about how it would be funny after a performance to yell at a crowd “You’ll Pay For This” ominously, a lot.  I don’t know why we thought it was funny.  But somehow it became our album title.

EOA: With the album you are also the label for it as well. Are there any other bands on this label or future plans?

Feldman: It’s just us. We have a lot of friends bands and smaller bands that we would like to promote, but one thing at a time.

EOA: With You’ll Pay For This you wrote more than you did with Distraction correct?

Feldman: Yeah, we wrote both together, but on this one there were a few more tracks that were my ideas.

EOA: Anything that drove you to write more of this one?

Feldman: It was really just the time and place. Distraction was written over a long period of time and then it was time to make a record. Where You’ll Pay For This we knew we were going to release another record. We had a time to write the album.

EOA: You had 3 days you were writing in a cabin in the wilderness?

Feldman: Yeah, we were writing it in Brooklyn and I was working on it everyday. Then we had a show in San Diego where Dylan and I extended our trip to go to this cabin in the mountains. It was incredibly productive.

EOA: Was it productive because of the seclusion or the scenery?

Feldman: More of the former, I think seclusion was really good for me creatively and us. We had no distractions. At home we could go for eight hours and leave the piece of music as it is, or there is a natural point where you just want to go home. But since we could keep going there was a lot more to be had. The longer hours helped finish ideas.

EOA: You’re about to go on tour with Atlas Genius. Have you met them before?

Feldman: We have been on the same bill but I have never met them. Our agents put the tour together and our mutual friends say this is going to be a good thing. They sound like nice people.

EOA: Your recent track “2AM” has a line, “nothing good happens after 2am” is this the obvious reference to How I Met Your Mother?

Feldman: It actually isn’t an obvious reference at all. I have never watched How I Met Your Mother. A lot of people have been asking about it on Twitter, but yeah I guess it’s just a common sense thing. Something that parents say to their kids. Nothing good happens then, but that’s when the best stuff happens.

EOA: Do you have any stories of nothing good happening after 2am?

Feldman: I’m sure I do. We had a late night the other day in Knoxville Tennessee, with our friends in the band Royal Bangs and they took us to “the worst bar ever”.

EOA: Was it the worst bar?

Feldman: It was but in the best way possible. Just like nothing good happens after 2am.

EOA: We appreciate you taking your time out of your schedule to come interview with us. Thank you so much.

Feldman: Thank you.

You can check out the latest single “2AM” on “You’ll Pay For This” which is out now and can be picked up right here. Also be sure to grab tickets to their upcoming tour with Atlas Genius right here.

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