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Top 5 reasons to remove your swimming pool


Carroll Bros ContractingA swimming pool can seem like the ultimate luxury but for some homeowners, it is one luxury that comes at a hefty price. Even if it is a price you can afford, you might not want to. Reclaiming your backyard space, cost savings, resale value on house are just a few reasons to remove your pool. Here are the top five reasons most people decide that removing their pool is worth it.

5 — Needs Repair

Any repairs on a swimming pool can add up fast. The pool may be in desperate need of a face lift, it may need to be resurfaced, it may have a leak, it may require new replacement equipment, and the list could go on. Pools are not a cheap investment; so if you are trying to save up for a trip to Italy, get rid of the pool.

4 — Not Being Used

The last kid left for college 5 years ago. It was great when they were young, and the costs were justifiable. Now, not so much. Is it worth keeping it updated now that no one is using it on a regular basis? It’s probably worth it to use your yard and money for something else now.

3 — Liability

Maybe you are moving out and renting the house, or looking to sell. The insurance required is high when you have a swimming pool. Not to mention the legal liabilities if you are renting. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of having a pool when trying to rent or sell. Some buyers would just rather not deal with the liability of a pool in their new home.

2 — Maintenance Costs

It isn’t just pool repair that can be costly–think of the monthly and yearly maintenance requirements. There are chemicals to be used and cleaning equipment to be bought. Living in Maryland doesn’t allow you to have the pool open all year long which means winterizing, and prepping it again for the next summer. Not only is this costly, but it takes time.

1 — Take Your Yard Back

Costs aside, maybe you just want to use your yard to entertain; and to be able to use it for more than just a few months in the summer. Take your yard back by removing your pool. This makes room for the new addition to your home or the extended patio area. Whatever it is, the pool is in the way and you need more space to have some fun.

A pool can be a stressful and costly luxury to have. So if you are ready to take it out, make sure you consult with a pool removal expert. The steel and concrete that go into a pool build have to be removed properly along with the resulting “hole” in your yard. Engineering goes into the construction as well as the deconstruction of a pool. If not done properly, it could cause sinkholes and other issues in your yard. Take your money and yard back this year by removing your pool.

This solid advice came from Carroll Bros. Contracting, the leader in pool removal services for Annapolis and throughout Maryland. Learn more about how removing your swimming pool can save you money, increase your property value and help you take your yard back. For more information, visit www.CarrollBrosContracting.com or www.carrollbroscontracting.com/recent-projects/.

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