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Sevin 7 Studios– a new look and new name for Glow Salon

PT Sevin
PT Sevin

You may have noticed some dust around Glow Salon & Day Spa lately. There is change afoot and it’s a good thing and while much will be changing on the surface, everything you love about Glow will remain the same!

On April 18th Glow changed names to “Sevin 7 Studios” which has become a large part of the new Symmetry Salon Studios.

PT Sevin, owner of Glow has always had his pulse on the industry–when full service salons “needed” day spas, Glow expanded. Lately, he noticed a change from the traditional Salon/Spa model to smaller more independent businesses and it gave him an idea. At heart, PT is a teacher. Having launched the careers of many stylists, this shift will allow Sevin and the staff at Glow to continue making hair magic–and allow PT to continue to mentor and teach.

The concept of Symmetry Salon Studios, is that it is a place for stylists to run their own business with the support of experts in the industry. A stylist will rent a complete micro studio, set his or her own hours, and pick their own clients. Just imagine a full service salon in a 120 sf suite!

IMG_8671While on the surface, Symmetry Salons Studios may seem like a “competitor” to 7 Studios it is not. Sevin and Glow have launched the careers of many wonderful stylists–Hudson & Fouquet, Levity, and more. PT has been a master stylist along with a mentor and this is a perfect fit. PT will still be able to see his clients, and mentor and train tomorrow’s up and coming ones and leave a lot of the operational aspects to Symmetry.

For the customer, nothing changes. The phones are still answered by a human. Appointments can be made online or on the phone. In fact, the hours of operation are expanding–but individual stylists may set their own hours.

IMG_8673Sevin 7 Studios will operate as a full service (and largest) salon within Symmetry (of which Sevin will be an investor) with six chairs. The existing staff will move over with Sevin and in time, if they decide to branch out and start their own business–Symmetry is right there. Sevin 7 Studios will continue to be everything that is has been for the past 17 years.  Sevin 7 Studios will continue to attract the best stylists, either new to the area or to the industry who want to be mentored by a master. Sevin 7 Studios will be a place for creative stylists to hone their business skills and prepare themselves for the next step in their career.

“As I see it, the SevinStudios/Symmetry Salon Studios is a perfect set up. Some of our most creative stylists can now expand their career and I am here to guide them along the way. New stylists can come into our studio and learn the ropes…and move on when the time is right.” said Sevin.  With expanded hours the new setup will offer much greater convenience to clients whose lives are becoming more and more busy, and time is becoming a rare commodity.

sevenstudiosarticleCheck out all the changes at Sevin 7 Studios and be sure to stop by and check it out. And while they have never closed, be sure to keep an ear out for a grand re-opening coming soon!

Just a note on the construction sequence. The “old Glow” was divided in half and the first half of Symmetry Salon Studios was built. “Old Glow” moved into the new space and the remaining space will be constructed to become the second half of Symmetry Salon Studios. Construction is expected to be totally complete by the middle of July 2016.

Stop by–exciting times for the Annapolis hair styling crowd!

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