February 1, 2023
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Pitbull mauls owner in Churchton

Not actual dog.

On April 4, 2016 at approximately 8:30 am, officers responded to the 1200 block of Delaware Avenue in Churchton for an aggressive animal.  Dispatch advised responding officers that a citizen was calling 911 stating that a Pitbull was attacking it’s owner. The citizen provided information that the dog was biting the owners arm and would not release the owner from it’s grasp.

When officers arrived at the residence, the citizen advised them that they had to forcibly remove the Pitbull from attacking the owner. The owner was able to retreat into her residence and the dog was contained on the front porch. Officers could hear the owner screaming for help inside the residence but could not get past the Pitbull on the porch to render medical aid. The officers were able to capture the dog utilizing a departmental issued dog pole, then force entry into the house to render medial aid to the owner.

The fire department responded and transported the owner/victim to a local hospital for injuries to her arm, hand, and leg. Animal Control responded and removed the animal from the scene. The owner has surrendered the dog to the County and the dog has been humanely euthanized.

Source: AACoPD

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  1. This is in horribly poor taste. Your use of that picture only perpetuates breed discrimination and fear. Do you even know the true breed of this dog? Probably not, since there are 8+ types of purebred pit bulls. And do you know that there are plenty of other breeds of dogs out there that have been involved in similar situations? But nobody reports those, do they? Quite honestly, I’m disgusted with the irresponsible reporting here. You’ve lost a follower.

  2. I find it amusing the different “problems” pit bull supporters have with this reporting. Someone told me pit bulls were not even a breed. I was lambasted for not putting a space between pit and bull. I got the whole, it was how they were raised argument. I got that it was irresponsible for the photo, etc. How is it irresponsible? I think it is a pretty accurate depiction of what the pitbull looked like as it was chewing off the arm of the owner. The neighbor said it was a pitbull, the police said it was a pitbull, the owner said it was a pitbull, animal control said it was a pitbull. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it was not a chihuahua.

    If you want some vetted stats on dog bites…. here is a good source.


    The article was merely reporting the incident. There was no bashing of a breed. There was no call to outlaw them. It was a factual account of what happened along with an appropriate photo.

  3. Interesting that you complain that the article was posted but you offer nothing to prevent these attacks.

    At least this poor victim was a consenting adult pit bull ownner, not a sleeping child in a stroller, wheeling by. (Nutley NJ 2106, Amaya Hess)

    This was excellent pit bull behavior: attack with little or no warning,do not stop attacking, do not let go. This behavior was created for dog fighting and is also why essentially all USA and UK dog fighters choose pits only!

    Those who attempt to mislead, saying that pits do not lock their jaws into the victim, haven’t seen a good game insane pit bull such as this, with its jaws locked onto a victim, or they have witnessed it but enjoyed watching (dog fighters) and want to continue watching pit bulls attacking their opponents/victims.

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