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Metric Night One Done

| March 10, 2016, 11:19 AM | 0 Comments

IMG_3971-2Metric rocked Ram’s Head Live! last night in Baltimore on their “I Can See The End Tour”.  There are bands that belong in small clubs and ones that belong in large stadiums. Metric is one that somehow brings the stadium feel to a small club while still yearning to be more. With songs like “Celebrate” and “The Shade” off of their newest album they are certainly adding to their collection of stadium sounding hits.

The visuals also lend themselves well to both types venues. The band had a zig-zag of light panels behind them giving them neat triangle or glitter effects at times. They also had a portion of black light in one of the earlier songs that was enhanced by the bands white glowing glasses and Emily Haines’ (Lead Singer) flowing neon green cloth. The guitarists did not switch sides of the stage as much as other bands I have seen but they did not need to, to capture your attention. Every member of the band held such a presence in their own section that you wanted to look at each one for as long as you could.


That presence may have come with their decade plus of touring and creating music, and with it also came experience that you can see in the stitched details of the performance.  The change between songs was lightning quick and if more time was needed, it was filled with acapella renditions of some of the bands earlier hits like “Combat Baby”. Also weaved into setlist were old and new songs like “I.O.U.” and “Synthetica” which gave a fair representation of the large tapestry of Metric’s work. It also pleased the fans who have been there since the start as well as those just discovering the Canadian rockers.

Metric’s performance last night was synth-rock at its finest. They carried such a fresh and enthusiastic sound with a production for a large festival. If you have yet to see Metric there is still time. You can see them on Sunday at The Fillmore in Silver Spring (tickets here).

Metric is Emily Haines, James Shaw, Joshua Winstead, and Joules Scott-Key.

Photos by: Owen Paterline Photography


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