January 31, 2023
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Hoodie Allen Does It Again!

IMG_5181Selling out the Fillmore is impressive. Selling out The Fillmore four times in a row on your fourth tour to Silver Spring is a whole new level of impressive, and that is what Hoodie Allen did last night. The venue was stuffed to the brim with eager teenagers, and a few older groups, eagerly anticipating the New York rapper.   Washington DC and the surrounding Maryland area must love Hoodie and its very easy to see why; with a party like atmosphere and music that will make you want to dance, it’s easy to enjoy.

Unlike some rappers Hoodie plays with a full band on stage with him, not just a drummer and DJ, but guitarists and keyboard too. This gives a fuller sound to his live performance and sounds less like karaoke when one is just rapping to a back track. Hoodie’s sound is upbeat with lyrics that drop pop references and wordplay that would make Jason Mraz do a double take. This sound lends itself perfectly to that party like atmosphere and Hoodie Allen knows how to turn a concert into a party, with a production that is through the roof.


Hoodie is a master at performance and his goal is to make you have as much fun as possible. To do this he pulled out every stop; balloons, confetti, fog jets, and giant light panels for a spectacular visual show. He even uses a couple of tricks from noted EDM artist Steve Aoki like throwing a cake into the crowd or surfing the crowd in a raft. One specific thing that Hoodie used was a mini stage at the back of the venue so for one song those who were in the back and had difficulty seeing were now front and center.

It’s things like flipping the stage, that show Hoodie’s attention to detail for his fans. When he says he wants everyone to have a good time he earnestly means it. He spends as much time as he can shaking hands saying hi to fans because he knows they allow him to do what he loves. Hoodie Allen gets that as an independent artist he needs that fan base because they help propel him and his music and he can’t thank everyone enough.


Hoodie Allen puts on a concert that everyone should want to go to, and with the past four sold out, apparently they do. He said he will try to sell out a fifth show in Silver Spring next year, maybe even perform two dates at The Fillmore. Something he can easily do and would be just as exciting to see.  To listen to some of Hoodie’s music click here. If you want to see more shots from the show please check out the gallery below.

All photos by: Owen Paterline Photography

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