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Crime rates climbing in Annapolis, reported rapes up 200%

2016 Crime in Annapolis
2016 Crime in Annapolis
Annapolis crime statistics for 2016

In 2015 crime in Annapolis increased by two percent.  Violent crime dropped by three percent compared to 2014, but property crime increased by three percent. 

The Annapolis Police Department follows the reporting rules established by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR).  The crimes reported are classified as Part One Crime, they include:  homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft.

Annapolis experienced a drop in violent crime in 2015; however, reported rapes increased.  Homicides remained the same, with one each occurring in 2014 and 2015.  Currently there have been 2 reported homicides in Annapolis in 2016. Robberies decreased by three percent or a total of two incidents.  There was a 10% decrease in aggravated assaults, or thirteen fewer incidents than in 2014. 

A total of thirteen rapes were reported in 2015, compared to four in 2014.  After investigation, one of the rapes reported has since been unfounded, meaning no offense occurred or was attempted.  In six of these cases suspects have been arrested and charged.  In one case a warrant has been obtained, but the suspect not yet arrested.  Three of the cases have known suspects, but the investigations are still open.  Two of the cases are open, with unknown suspects.  Of the thirteen rapes reported six involved underage or mentally disabled victims, including one historical report that occurred over thirty years ago.  In nine of the thirteen reported rapes the victim knew the suspect before the day of the offense. 

Property crime increased by three percent in 2015.  Burglaries increased by ten percent or 17 reported incidents and larcenies increased four percent.  Motor vehicle thefts decreased by 27%. 

“The Annapolis Police Department is committed to reducing crime,” said Chief Michael Pristoop.  “Although crime numbers are at near record lows, the perception of safety is equally important and we are grateful for the promising and positive community feedback.” 

“We, as a community, depend on our police department to create a safe place to conduct our day-to-day operations without fear or concern,” Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides said.  “Under the direction of Chief Pristoop, we are seeing an increase in the public input as well as in the amount of contact with the community. I believe this is making a difference and will continue to prove to be a critical component of long-term crime reduction.”

Source: APD

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