January 31, 2023
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Severna Park students form club to welcome new military families to community

sphsDuring their junior year at Severna Park High School, students Linda Chhor and Lauren Ravekes were sponsored by the US Navy and Air Force to travel to San Antonio, Texas for a training with the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC). The goal of this trip was to start a club that welcomes new military students to the area. Linda and Lauren, along with teachers Stacy Doucette, Beth Colon, Kyle Gonzalez, and Navy Liaison Carol Chobany, stayed in San Antonio for a total of 4 days. During their time there, they learned about ways to incorporate students to their school and how to integrate them into the community.

Linda and Lauren started their new club during the fall of their senior year for their capstone Leadership III project. Along with the help of 7-8 Leadership I students, all sophomores, they plan meetings, reach out to new students, and act as an ambassador for new students. At meetings, students participate in ice breakers that allow students to get to know each other, play games, watch movies, and most importantly, eat food. Although MCEC specifically targets military students, the club is open to new and returning students to Severna Park High School who enjoy meeting new people and spending time with others.

Students 2 Severna Park meetings occur every month with Mr. Gonzalez as the club sponsor. All students are welcome and we encourage the rest of the student body to reach out to other students they may not know.

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