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Newly adopted dog mauls Severna Park child

dog biteOn December 9, 2015, at approximately 8:00 pm officers responded to the 500 block of Baltimore Annapolis Blvd in Severna Park for an “animal incident.” Upon arrival, officers learned a 5-year-old boy was attacked by a dog that had been adopted from the Anne Arundel County Animal Control Facility earlier in the day. Family members advised the child was playing with the animal when they heard the dog make a noise. The family members entered the room and observed the dog biting the child’s face and head. The child was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening, yet serious injuries. Animal Control responded to the scene took custody of the animal and euthanized it that evening.

Prior to adopting out this dog, Animal Control staff followed established safety protocols. Following this incident, the County will be reviewing best practices in other jurisdictions to ensure a safe process. After hearing of the incident Police Chief Timothy Altomare said, “I can’t imagine the anguish this family is going through, during the holiday season. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them. And we will do everything within our power to prevent a reoccurrence of this tragic incident.”

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  1. Elsewhere the dog involved was described as a boxer-bulldog mix.

    In the beginning of the creation of the Boxer dog, it completely resembled the pit bull, because pits were used in Boxer dog creation.

    Before the sneaky name change of the early 1980’s, American Bulldogs were called American PIT Bulldogs.

    This tragic attack was the work of a “good” game-insane pit.

    Look to the experts in unprovoked, prolonged dog aggression, the “kill or die trying” style of dog fighting, the dog men of the USA and UK. They don’t use GSD, Brittany dogs, or Keeshonden because, while all dogs can bite, pits/gladiator dogs/bully dogs are different.

    They were selectively bred to mature to develop the sociopathic trait to attack for little or no reason, without giving warning, without first trying to avoid conflict, and then to continue mauling, even after the victim totally submits.

    Who needs these traits?
    Only the sadistic sociopathic dog fighters do.

    The bully people insist that neither heritage nor breed matters, that behavior comes from training and management.

    Great, have it your way. Since breed doesn’t matter, you won’t miss pitbulls if they are permitted to become mercifully extinct via mandatory enforced sterilization.

    When pits are few and far between, you can adopt any other dog, say a beagle or Keeshond. Just keep repeating: “breed doesn’t matter, breed doesn’t matter.”

    Dog fighters hate this plan, as they know that pit bulls are different. But we should and can stop enabling dogfighters.

    The bully /gladiator dog’s sociopathic traits means that when instinct to maul meets opportunity to reach a victim, no other species, including human, horse, cattle, is safe. Pitbulls are victims as well of their mutant man made instincts to maim and kill their own kind. Let’s stop making more victims.

  2. So let me make sure I understand you.. You think ALL bully breed dogs should be eradicated?

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