December 10, 2023
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Local neurologist writes book on concussions

Concussion-ology-coverHarry Kerasidis, a neurologist specializing in sports concussion, has authored a new book available today “Concussionology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management For All Levels,” outlining a plan to save the game, while preserving the athletes’ health from the popularized brain injury.

Leveraging the latest neurological intelligence and technology advances, Dr. Kerasidis says new standards can be established on all sports levels. But that’s just the start of what he envisions for the future of sports concussions.

“Concussions are a rising epidemic and one of the biggest controversial topics largely due to misinformation,” said Dr. Kerasidis, who has studied concussions for 25 years, treating thousands of athletes. “Providing accurate answers about concussions is the first step. Beyond that, we have to change a culture so that we put brain health above wins and losses.”

In “Concussion-ology,” Dr. Kerasidis points to wide-ranging changes, simplified through technology, coming to the sports world. 

“The movie “Concussion” helps drive home the message that concussions can be serious, but most people still don’t really know what to do,” said Dr. Kerasidis, founder of Chesapeake Neurology Associates, XLNTbrain LLC and Medical Director at Calvert Memorial Hospital in Maryland. “I believe we are entering a new phase in which people will expect proper sports concussion management, and it will emerge as a new norm in sports and society.”

In “Concussion-ology,” Dr. Kerasidis hopes readers gain a healthy respect for the brain, while gaining the tools and protocols so athletes “return-to-play” safely. “Ultimately, we want preserve the game while protecting the athletes’ futures.”

Dr. Kerasidis’s protocol is currently being followed by numerous sports leagues, at the youth, high school, collegiate and professional levels. He is also spearheading a new pilot program in Michigan which could be a prototype for other states to follow.

“Concussions don’t have to prevent sports participation. But we have to take them seriously, and begin to shift the sport culture,” said Dr. Kerasidis. “With proper respect for your brain, the game can remain.”

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