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Better Healthcare for Less Money

Health Insurance Rates Up 26%

What is Your Plan?

“My own Bronze Plan premiums will go from $734 to $939/mo January 1. That’s an increase of 28 percent and preserves the, ahem, privilege of the Bronze’s $11,000 deductible. Merry Christmas!” — US News & World Report, Nov 5, 2015

Open enrollment is here and everyone is wondering how to save on healthcare expenses. The title of the above US News & World Report says it all: “Season’s Greetings, From Obamacare. Obamacare makes open enrollment Evolve Medical Clinics in Annapolis Maryland is a Direct Primary Careseason, already a pre-holiday purgatory, even worse.” 

In Annapolis and throughout Maryland, CareFirst’s rates are up 26%. Direct Primary Care is the model that many Americans are beginning to find.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) was recently featured in Time magazine, “Medicine is about to get personal. How can Americans get better health care for less money?” and in the New York TimesCompany Thinks It Has Answer for Lower Health Costs: Customer Service.” The New York Times article has this quote:

“Unfortunately most doctors in primary care are paid for “piecework.” They rush from “visit to visit, avoid phone calls and emails that don’t generate payments, and often fail to address the complex social issues that hamper people’s health.”

Evolve Medical Clinics offers a new way to approach healthcare in annapolis, marylandHow It Works

People are finding that their health insurance doesn’t cover much.

“Imagine your Obamacare insurance like car insurance or ‘just in case’ insurance. That is where DPC comes in. We cover the gas, tires, oil changes and wiper blades,” says Dr. Michael Freedman of Evolve Medical Clinics.

A Direct Primary Care plan covers all of your Primary and Urgent care.

If a patient need testing or medications, DPC’s have negotiated discounted rates. As an example of steep the discounted rates get, the rates below are from Evolve Medical Clinics in Annapolis, Maryland:

  • Labs: up to 88% less (ex: $350 in labs for only $44)
  • Prescriptions: up to 95% less ($300 prescription for only $20)
  • Radiology: up to 60% less ($1,000 MRI for only $400)
  • Cardiac testing: up to 67% less (Echocardiogram $750 for only $246)

Providers at Direct Primary Cares work with the patient to minimize out-of-pocket expenses through these proven Evolve Medical Clinics in Annapolis, Maryland offers Direct Primary Caremethods:

  • Avoiding urgent cares and ERs
  • Lowering prescription costsevolve medical clinics direct primary care located in Annapolis Maryland
  • Avoiding unnecessary surgery
  • Avoiding unnecessary testing
  • Avoiding hospitalization

DPC providers believe that better care = better health. And to get better care, people need to be able to see their doctor–and spend time with him/her.

It’s about time and access.

And providers that work for the patient — not the insurance company.

Evolve Medical Clinics in Annapolis, Maryland lists these as their guiding principles.
Evolve Medical Clinics in Annapolis, Maryland lists these as their guiding principles.

From Evolve:

If you are interested in learning more about how Evolve Medical Clinics works, you can click this link. If you are ready to save money and get better care, click here to join now! Why wait another year to save money and get better healthcare?

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