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WNAV’s Wiley Baker and passersby save woman in cardiac arrest

wileybakerAt approximately 1230 PM on Thursday, June 4th, 2015, Annapolis Fire Department units responded to a reported Cardiac Arrest in the area of Prince George Street and Randall Street.

EMS crews arrived to find a team of civilian bystanders, including WNAV Sports Director Wiley Baker, performing CPR on the victim. Annapolis Fire Department paramedics initiated Advance Life Support treatment of the 73 year old woman and regained a pulse prior to departing the scene for transport to Anne Arundel Medical Center for post cardiac arrest care.

The members of the civilian rescue team that immediately intervened are being commended by the Annapolis Fire Department for their heroic actions. The early initiation of CPR on the victim during the response of EMS crews, undoubtedly had an impact on the overall outcome of this critical incident. CPR Classes are easy to access and graduates are given the life knowledge of potentially saving lives.

Anyone interested in learning CPR should contact the Annapolis Fire Department CPR coordinator at [email protected] or the office of Emergency Medical Services at (410) 263-7978.

On his Facebook page, Baker recalled the situation:

Walking back to our cars from Turkey lunch at McGarvey’s, my friend, John, and I saw a woman grab onto a white picket fence like she was going to look at the flowers in the yard, and then just collapsed! I immediately did the Look, Listen, Feel… she was breathing. Then a guy named Sean from the Navy Health Center came by. I felt no pulse, he felt a light one. We decided I should start chest compressions. We continued Look/Listen/Feel, and when she stopped breathing, Sean started mouth-to-mouth right away. John called 911. Another girl, Jamie, walking by, picked up Paulette’s cell phone and called her son and daughter. Paramedics were there quickly. Paulette was taken to AAMC. When she left, she had a pulse and was shallow breathing on her own, so she was hooked up to oxygen. Teamwork in action… with God’s help!

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