June 25, 2024
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Pantelides taps PG County director to lead Annapolis Transportation

Annapolis-TransitAnnapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides announces his recommendation for Transportation Director and will request confirmation at the Monday’s City Council meeting, scheduled for March 9.

James E. Gordon was chosen from a field of 15 candidates from around the country and brings more than 40 years experience in the field of transportation, traffic and safety, and parking management.    

“Mr. Gordon is highly qualified and will serve the city well” Mayor Pantelides said. “As the city moves forward with its comprehensive approach to parking solutions, we will benefit from his background as a traffic engineer, project manager, and as Executive Director of the Prince George’s County Parking Authority.”

The majority of Mr. Gordon’s career has been with the Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation where he worked as an acting Deputy Director, Associate Director in the Office of Transportation, and as the Executive Director of the Parking Authority (now known as the Revenue Authority), where he was responsible for implementing a delinquent fines program that collected $1 million in unpaid fines. 

Among his successes was securing $5 million in federal grants to design and construct a Transportation Management Center and implement a countywide Intelligent Transportation System program.  Early in his career, Mr. Gordon worked for the Maryland State Highway Administration as a Traffic Engineer for 19 years.  Mr. Gordon has significant experience in budget management as well as contract and grant management experience.

“His managerial skills will be a huge asset to the city, not to mention his ability to develop new initiatives within the department that could become a valuable new revenue stream for the city,” City Manager Tom Andrews said.  

Mr. Gordon is a graduate of Morgan State University with a Master’s degree in Transportation Planning and a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning/Transportation. 

Upon confirmation, Mr. Gordon will make an annual salary of $131,044.38.

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