June 21, 2024
Annapolis, US 91 F

More bus shelters for Annapolis

Annapolis-TransitAnnapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides announced that ten additional bus stop shelters have been delivered to the city and the first of the ten shelters was installed last week.

“The recent snow around the installation site is a reminder of the need for these bus stop shelters,” Mayor Pantelides said.  “It is important that the shelters are available for those who depend on Annapolis Transit as part of their daily routine.”

The City has a Request for Proposals (RFP) ready to release in the next few weeks, to solicit proposals from companies for the manufacture and installation of an additional 30 shelters. Once those are in place, the city will have restored all of the 80 original bus stop shelters for transit riders in both the city and county.

The ten shelters were purchased for $49,300 from Tapco, located in Wisconsin, under a nationwide purchasing cooperative.  Last week’s shelter was installed on the east side of Admiral Drive, approximately 700 feet north of Poplar Avenue.  Public Work crews will proceed as quickly as possible to get all ten shelters installed over the next two weeks.

Installation Schedule for Ten (10) Bus Shelters                                                    

  1. East side of Admiral Drive, 732 feet north of Poplar Avenue
  2. East side of Bay Ridge Avenue 112 feet south of Timber Creek Drive 
  3. West side of Bay Ridge Avenue, 199 feet south of Timber Creek Drive
  4. East side of Bay Ridge Road 350 feet north of Hillsmere Drive
  5. East side of Forest Drive, 938 feet west of Spa Road
  6. West side of Forest Drive, 380 feet south of Spa Road
  7. North side of Hilltop Drive, 70 feet east of Primrose Road
  8. East side of Hilltop Lane., 80 feet east of Gemini Drive
  9. South side of Skippers Lane, 192 feet west of Newtowne Drive
  10. West side of Spa Road, 188 feet south of Spindrift Way                 

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