June 21, 2024
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Has Annapolis adopted common core math to calculate parking tickets?

Earlier this week, a reader contacted us about a parking ticket. She admits she was wrong and deserved the ticket. She admits she failed to pay it on time and additional penalties applied. But that is where it gets weird. Seems the City of Annapolis is using some type of Common Core math or voodoo to calculate the penalties.

Take this parking ticket. Yes, it was not paid on time, but the City sent out two separate past due notices on the same ticket on two consecutive days with different amounts due.  Is this a glitch in the processing center in Alexandria (a whole other discussion)? Or is this just a case of Annapolis being Annapolis?

On February 12th, they sent out the following:


Original fine $20.  Total now due $30. Total due after 2/10 (note that this was printed and mailed on the 12th) $40. Total due after 2/22 $55.

Now, let’s take a look at the notice mailed the very next day (2/13)  for the exact same citation.


Original fine $20.  Total now due $55. Total due after 2/10 (note that this was printed and mailed on the 13th) $65. Total due after 2/22 $80.

So, what is happening here?  How much does this “scofflaw” owe?  Is the City (or the processing company) counting on the wayward parker not noticing and just paying the higher amount?  Why does the City bill you for $30 or $55 and then tell you that it would have been more expensive had you paid the ticket a day or two prior? Are you following along here?

And yet, they are in the throes of putting together a $100 million dollar budget.

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