February 5, 2023
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An interview with Noah Sierota from Echosmith

Photo: Nicole Nodland
Photo: Nicole Nodland

LA-based alt-pop band Echosmith ( 4 siblings) had a breakout 2014, with the success of their debut album Talking Dreams and hit single “Cool Kids” propelling them into the spotlight. Both MTV and VH1 have taken notice and named the band an MTV “Artist to Watch” and VH1 “You Oughta Know” Artist for the year, while “Cool Kids” continues to explode and is charting in the Top 5 at Hot AC, Top 10 at Top 40, and in the Top 10 of the iTunes singles chart. Bow they are coming to DC and the 930 Club on February 26th (sold out) and Eye On Annapolis will be there.

Earlier this week, Music Editor Kati Mayers had a chance to talk with bassist Noah Sierota–one of four family members that make up the band. Other members include brothers Graham and Jamie; and sister Sydney.

noahKati Mayers:  I have 2 brothers and am about your age. How is it working with your siblings?

Noah Sierota: Wow. There’s a lot of different parts to make it all work and somehow it does. We know how each other works and know each others secrets. It’s good. Not sure how it works, but it does.

KM: Of the 4, who do YOU think has the most talent?

NS: Good question. Everyone has a different kind of talent and there are so many kids of talent.

KM: You have done a bunch of tours and fests. Which was your favorite so far?

NS: The very first ones we did were best. We were new and we grew. As we moved on to larger fests like Warped, we had to learn to play to big crowds and to people who had never heard us before.

KM: Are you excited about Firefly this summer and coming back to the area?

NS: Oh yes. So excited. It will be amazing. Very very much excited.

KM: If you could open for ANY act—who would it be?

NS: The Killers. We do not have the same sound, but I admire them and they are a great band!

KM: Tell me about The Police? You say that they influenced you.

NS: As a bass player, The Police really caught me. I saw how important a bass can be to a sound [versus, singer or lead guitar] and I realized that I can have a “voice” in the band. And to be an important part of the band.

KM: It’s been 2 years since Talking Dreams came out. When can we expect a new album? Have you been working on one?

NS: Not for a little while. We are still touring the rest of this year. We may work on it a little next year….maybe 2016 or so?

KM: Do you have anything to tell your fans?

NS: We’re just so excited to tour the country and meet new people. I am just so excited excited to be there performing.

KM: OK, so now you are in LA and I am freezing my butt off in Maryland. You will be here next week. Will I get a chance to say hello face to face and get a pic?

NS: I am sure we could work that out!

KM: I’ll hold you to that promise!

Not familiar with Echosmith?  Check it out!

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