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MEDEX Spot joins Chesapeake Innovation Center as Collaboration Hub Member

MEDEXLOGOThe Chesapeake Innovation Center (CIC), Anne Arundel County’s technology business incubator, today announced that MEDEX Spot has joined as its newest Collaboration Hub member. MEDEX Spot is the founder of the Unmanned Micro Clinic (UMC), a self-service, out-patient booth that offers quality primary healthcare, virtually with little to no wait time.  The UMC conducts medical tests and connects patients to quality hospital-based medical call centers via the use of private, broadband enabled video technology throughout the United States. MEDEX Spot is taking advantage of the new wave of consumerism in healthcare delivery, patient engagement and patient choice.

CEO Charles Nahabedian is one of the three founders of MEDEX Spot which was founded in 2010 in order to provide convenient outpatient healthcare services at a lower cost. “We wanted to revolutionize the primary healthcare experience by offering patients convenient points of access such as supermarkets with pharmacies, drug store chains, big box stores, and even corporate office buildings,” explains Nahabedian. “Today, telehealth is being used doctor to doctor and hospital to doctor but has a more expensive approach than the two-way video and audio systems available in our mini-clinics. Because of the Healthcare Act and the increasing shortage of primary care physicians, the forecast for telemedicine growth over the next few years presents a large opportunity for innovative companies.” 

Nahabedian is no stranger to innovation. With a background in electrical engineering, he has worked for Bell Labs and AT & T and developed and supported projects such as the first cordless telephone, first coin telephone aboard the Metroliner, a portable cellular telephone, and interactive-touch screen kiosks for DisneyWorld’s EPCOT theme park. He has put multi-discipline teams together for these projects to succeed.  MEDEX Spot has done the same, recently adding executives with more than 60 years in healthcare and experience in current competitors.

As a Collaboration Hub member Nahabedian plans to further develop his product and utilize the expertise of the CIC team. “I am at a point now where I need good advice, expert guidance, and extended partnerships so that I can find more qualified investors.”

Collaboration Hub membership was designed to provide specific business growth services and assistance for start-up companies that are pre-revenue and pre-funding, by using a programmatic approach designed to move a start-up company towards growth in an accelerated manner.  Collaboration Hub members are early-stage companies with a business plan, but that need to develop their technology with demonstrated milestones and/or proof-of-concept and market validation, and to help further polish financials and presentation before approaching investors and customers.

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