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Beat the broken resolution cycle

PilatesFour of the most common New Year’s resolutions- to get fit, lose weight, stop smoking and manage stress- are also the resolutions least likely to survive the winter months as resolve fades.

According to a 2014 survey by the online research site Statistic Brain, only 46 percent of people making resolutions were actively following through past the six-month mark.

One local Pilates teacher believes that the key to success in health-related resolutions is to take a full body-mind approach.

“If you are serious about your goals, you are best served in finding an exercise program that interprets physical fitness as the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body and sound mind,” said Kerry De Vivo, owner of Excel Pilates Annapolis. “The whole idea should be about empowering yourself and recognizing what you can do.”  

Pilates is a method of body conditioning focused on uniformly developing the body, increasing flexibility and building strength. Because this method of exercise engages your mind as well, practitioners experience an increased awareness of muscle function, control and overall body awareness.

De Vivo has been teaching traditional classical Pilates since 1995. Traditional classical Pilates follows the method, design and intention of founder Joseph Pilates. De Vivo is the only second generation Pilates teacher in the Annapolis area and was trained by Romana Kryzanowska, an original student of Joseph Pilates.

“In almost two decades of teaching Pilates, I see that time does not work against progress if you can develop your body and mind in a purposeful manner.  Following that, many of the common New Year’s resolutions to get fit, lose weight and manage stress will work into place.”

Excel Pilates Annapolis Studio is at 11 Annapolis Street, Suite A, in West Annapolis. For more information about Pilates, see or contact Kerry De Vivo at 410.897.0550 or  [email protected] . 

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