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Barbara Cox: a bright star in Annapolis

Barbara Cox and Dr. Dan Nataf talk politics!
Barbara Cox and Dr. Dan Nataf talk politics!

Friday morning, I was on my way to New York and checked my mail and was shocked. Barbara Cox, the news director for WNAV had passed away earlier this morning. I has sure it had to be a mistake, but it was true. At 55 after beating breast cancer and the Bay Bridge (just last weekend), I learned that her smiling voice would no longer be heard on WNAV.

Here it is, Monday morning and I am still not sure how to process this. Barbara and I had a great personal and business relationship. I always enjoyed the times when we could just let loose and catch up–at a Navy game or down at City Dock. I cannot say what I appreciated most, because there is much. Her bright smile. Her forever upbeat attitude. Her biting sense of humor. Her tenacity, and her enjoyment of a good argument.

Professionally, our paths crossed all the time. We’d call or text one another to share information–she was one of the few people who understood that while we are competitors, we can both be better when we work together. We spent several nights in the cramped WNAV studio talking politics with Dr. Dan Nataf and sharing many off mic laughs–usually about…well, she would’t want me to go there so I won’t.  She was the consummate professional never losing her cool and always there to lend a hand and be the voice of reason when things did not go as planned.

But my most fond memory is one that few people saw, but came through loud and clear to me.  It was August 30th of this year and we were int he press box for the Navy-Ohio State football game. Her son, Blake was there and she introduced me to him for the first time. This was one proud mother. When she was with Blake, she was absolutely beaming and when she spoke of him, you could sense the pride she had in her son. I’d bet the farm that what her son had become as a young man was the impetus for her to beat that breast cancer and to conquer that Chesapeake Bay Bridge. And while she may be gone, you can bet she is still beaming about Blake.

Barbara was alway on the move and a doer. She wanted to start a local chapter of the Sisters Network to help African American women deal with breast cancer. The night night before she died, she emceed a cancer event.

I am speechless. I am sad. Annapolis has lost a bright voice and a brighter smile in Barbara Cox. There are so few words, so I will simply say that I am a better person for having known her and she will be missed!  Thank you for spending some of your time with me Barbara! Godspeed my friend!

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