July 13, 2024
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We’re sorry, we screwed up!

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mistakeWhen you screw up, you correct the mistake, you apologize, and you move on. And we screwed up earlier this afternoon.  A pedestrian was hit while walking along Duke of Gloucester Street in Annapolis. We initially reported that the accident involved three school-aged children. Ultimately, it did not.  We began to receive texts and calls reporting the large police and EMS response to the incident.

We had a report from the scene from a reliable source with significantly detailed information about the victims, the traffic delays and closures. Based on the source, the level of detail, and what we had heard from others, we reported it. As it turned out, it was a single adult victim, not school-aged children.

As soon as we learned, we made the appropriate corrections. We deleted the Facebook post and the tweet from Twitter. We corrected the original article and included a note at the top about the bad information. We went back and modified the SEO parameters and had the article that had originally appeared, re-indexed by Google to prevent the old one from appearing again.  That was our correction.

Now for the apology. We messed up.  We spoke with the Annapolis Police Department and apologized and explained ourselves on their Facebook page. And now it is time to apologize to you. You have come to rely on us for news and information in Anne Arundel County and we truly value the trust you have placed in us and it is never out intent to let you down.

While I can never say that it will never happen again; I can say that going forward, we will be more thorough on getting the correct information to you.

For letting you down, I apologize and I hope it never happens again!

Thank you!

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John Frenaye, Publisher


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