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Navigation courses at Eastport Yacht Club

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mapsIf you have ever wondered what you would do if your GPS failed, think about taking the complete set of navigation courses being offered at Eastport Yacht Club by the Coast Guard Auxiliary beginning on October 6, 2014. Classes are held on select Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You must pre-register as there is limited enrollment. It is recommended that you enroll in the entire series as each course builds on the prior offerings. Coastal navigation course prices are much lower than usual, so take advantage of the discount.

How To Read a Nautical Chart (October 6, 8) begins the series exploring the wealth of information on a chart, how it is developed and hence what accuracy you can expect from it. You learn the meaning of many symbols and how to find out the meaning of all of the symbols on any chart. This is the basic tool for navigation. The cost is $35.

GPS for Mariners (October 22, 24) takes the mystery out of using your GPS. You learn about the US GPS system and what information it provides. You learn about the computations that your personal GPS device produces with that information, how it is presented, and how it can help you navigate. The course teaches you about the inherent danger of trying to navigate with a GPS alone. It also points out areas in which you can put yourself in danger while using a GPS. The cost is $35.

Basic Coastal Navigation begins Friday October 24 for 7 sessions ending November 14. This course provides you with the opportunity to learn how to navigate without a GPS, an especially useful skill when your GPS fails. Here you learn the same skills that have kept mariners safe since the time of Columbus. The cost is $50.

The specific navigation tools taught in the course can be purchased at cost from the instructor.

Advanced Coastal Navigation begins Monday November 17 for 7 sessions ending on December 12. This course adds the impact of tides and current, radar, fuel and voyage planning, and other advanced topics and tools to enhance your safety in all situations. It ties together all of the topics learned in the entire series so you can see what is possible for you to do, with practice, to safely navigate near the coast. The cost is $30.

These comprehensive courses are for beginners as well as advanced boaters who want to know how to get where they are going with near certainty, no matter what the weather. Completion of this series of courses may favorably impact your marine insurance payments.

Register now:           Contact Thornell Jones [email protected] or call 301-332-1864.

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