June 21, 2024
Annapolis, US 90 F

Welcome USNA Class of 2018, I-Day tomorrow

The Class of 2018 will be arriving bright and early tomorrow morning at Alumni Hall. Approximately 1200 new plebes will begin their journey at the United States Naval Academy where in four short years, they will graduate as Ensigns in the US Navy or 2nd Lieutenants in the US Marine Corps. But tomorrow, they will get their first taste of life at the Naval Academy just as the members of the Class of 2017 did last year.

Induction day nicknamed “I-Day” marks the day that a group of carefully selected applicants are transformed from civilians to midshipmen at the Naval Academy. I-Day, the first day of plebe summer, begins with prospective  plebes (they are not technically considered Midshipmen until they complete plebe summer) reporting to the Naval Academy’s Alumni Hall.  Here, they cycle through medical examinations, uniform fittings, equipment issue, haircuts and administrative processing. They are introduced to selected First Class Midshipmen, the commissioned officers and senior enlisted personnel who will lead the plebe summer training program. They also meet their classmates, many of whom will become their close friends by summer’s end.

The Naval Academy receives more than 15,000 applications for approximately 1200 spots in the class of 2018.

Each Midshipman is given a copy of the book, Reef Points, that is revised annually. Reef Points, approximately 225 pages, serves as a thorough introduction to the Navy and provides a wealth of information about the Naval Academy including its mission, history and traditions. New Midshipmen are required to memorize virtually all of the facts that are outlined in Reef Pointsso that their transition into military life is comprehensive and complete. Onlookers will often see new Midshipmen holding these books squarely in front of their faces as they memorize facts on I-Day. Before I-Day, each Midshipman must memorize the mission of the Naval Academy, the administrative chain of command, and the first three General Orders of a Sentry.

I-Day culminates when the new Midshipman take the oath of office in front of their friends, family and new classmates in Tecumseh Court at 6 PM. After the ceremony the new plebes will have a few moments to say goodbye to their family and friends before heading back into Bancroft Hall. The next time they will see them will be on August 7-9 for Parent’s Weekend.

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