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Reilly, Vitale endorse Neuman for County Executive

Anne Arundel County Executive, Laura Neuman
Anne Arundel County Executive, Laura Neuman

Senator Ed Reilly announced his endorsement for Laura Neuman for County Executive, throwing his full support behind her for a full 4-year term.

“Working with Laura Neuman to represent the families and businesses of Anne Arundel since she entered office, I have seen how hard she has worked to initiate programs and activities that reflect her Republican values,” said Reilly. “From cutting property tax rates to cleaning up $1 billion of unfunded health care liabilities that will save Anne Arundel taxpayers money, she has led the county for the past 15 months with fiscal conservatism and real solutions.”

Laura’s accomplishments include eliminating hundreds of thousands of dollars of wasteful spending from the county budget, cutting the 911 response time in half, and establishing the Commission on Excellence, collaborating with dozens of local community and business leaders to advance Anne Arundel.

“Over the past few weeks, as I travel around my district and the county, I meet people who are excited about Laura Neuman and enthusiastic about the future under her leadership. Stepping in at a challenging time for Anne Arundel, Laura’s done a tremendous job and deserves our support and vote to lead us over the next 4 years as County Executive.”

Delegate Cathy Vitale also recently endorsed Laura Neuman, and launched a robocall encouraging voters, stating: “If you support my record of fighting O’Malley’s tax increases and bloated budgets, voting against the Rain Tax and Maryland’s Obamacare, please join me in voting for Laura Neuman, the conservative Republican for County Executive.”

“Anne Arundel Republican leaders are rallying around Laura Neuman as the true conservative leader for County Executive,” said Timb Mantegna, Neuman campaign spokesman. “They clearly understand how Schuh’s votes for mandating the Rain Tax on Anne Arundel and his documented record of support for O’Malley’s priorities have a devastating impact on our hard-working taxpayers and families.”

Other recent endorsements include Former Register of Wills George Nutwell and Annapolis Republican Central Committee Member Steve Strawn.

“As a former Register of Wills, I know that Laura has the leadership and principles Anne Arundel Republicans need. I am proud to endorse her and I urge every Republican to come out and vote for Laura in the upcoming County Executive Republican primary,” said George Nutwell.

“As a member of the Annapolis Republican Central Committee, I have seen Laura initiate and implement policies and programs that demonstrate her strong conservative values. She is the voice for all Anne Arundel Republicans and the leadership we need for the next 4 years,” said Steve Strawn.

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