March 27, 2023
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Neuman issues statement on election loss

Anne Arundel County Executive, Laura Neuman
Anne Arundel County Executive, Laura Neuman

A statement from Laura Neuman was just released by Timb Mantagna, campaign manager.

I want to thank the over 14,000 Anne Arundel Republicans who voted for me to continue leading the county. My administration has accomplished many things in just 16 months, and it was my hope to have the opportunity to serve our community. We have restored pride to Anne Arundel County, implemented new approaches to essential services such as Public Safety and Permits and helped change the culture of county government. We have also helped instill the Republican values of fiscal conservatism, transparency and personal accountability to our county government.

In my time in office I have experienced the very best of Anne Arundel County residents. What has been most moving to me is that so many people came out to support me who had never been involved in politics before, yet enthusiastically dedicated their time to advance Anne Arundel. These fresh faces and new voices can bring new life to the Republican Party in Maryland.

I commend Delegate Schuh for his commitment and dedication to his campaign and the county. Delegate Schuh has my full support.

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