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Annapolis Irish Festival talent is off the charts

CARBION LEAFIf you were at the Annapolis Irish Festival last year, you know what a good time was had by the nearly 30,000 festival goers. This year looks to be even bigger and better with the a Friday night full-on festival!  But what about the music?

Well, here is a little taste of what’s to come.

And if you are looking for some free tickets, make sure you follow us on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and our newsletter. We always have surprises and you never know when a freebie might pop up.  But just what is Irish music of today?  For those who don’t know, sit back, relax, tap your toes and  take a look and listen to some of the acts who will entertain you on July 11th and 12th!


Headlining on Friday only, Gaelic Storm steps back into the ring with the dazzling #1 Billboard World Album Chicken Boxer, a heavyweight record that comes out swinging with a mix of empowering anthems and traditional ballads. With sales of more than 1 million, the group has now had three albums debut at number one on the Billboard World Albums Chart. In recent years, they have performed on the same bill with acts ranging from the Zack Brown Band and the Goo Goo Dolls to Emmylou Harris and Lyle Lovett, at events as varied as the Telluride Bluegrass Festival to Milwaukee Summerfest. With their signature acoustic production, Gaelic Storm blends indy – folk world grooves with Celtic tradition to serve up a ringside seat for a pugilistic poultry pounding sound.

On Saturday, Carbon Leaf takes the stage to delight the throngs of partiers.

Virginia natives Carbon Leaf weave their signature indie-rock blend of Celtic, Appalachian, folk, and country into a rousing new brand of music best described as ‘ether-electrified porch music’.

The five-man band’s steadfast arrangement of guitar, bass, drums, and mandolin is rounded out with more exotic instruments, like the bouzouki, fiddle, accordion and penny whistle, all tied together by lead singer Barry Privett’s bold, straightforward baritone.

Long beloved in their hometown of Richmond and known for high-energy live shows, the group entered onto the national scene in 2002 by winning an American Music Award with the Irish-tinged hit “The Boxer,” a narrative about a fighter who’s at the top of his game but scraping the bottom of love’s barrel.

Pioneering dreams, broken hearts, Love’s renewal  – all traverse the American landscape as common themes in Carbon Leaf’s music, as is reflected in the dark, bluesy “Another Man’s Woman,” and “Miss Hollywood,” a Southern-twanged ballad about the angst of dating an enormous sign.

Rousing and raucous, Scythian (sith-ee-yin) plays kicked-up Celtic and world music with hints of Gypsy and Klezmer, all infused with a touch of punk-rock sensibility. Take a pair of classically trained dueling fiddlers, toss in a rhythm guitar and the occasional funky accordion, then power it with the driving rhythm of a jazz percussionist, and you’ve got the ingredients for a show you won’t soon forget. Their high-energy, adrenaline-peddling, interactive brand of music has one goal in mind: to get people on their feet and dancing. Their repertoire ranges from traditional and contemporary Celtic and folk music to the alluring and dramatic strains of Gypsy and Eastern European tunes, and then crosses back over the border to pick up some good old-fashioned bluegrass licks.

The Screaming Orphans are the four high-spirited sisters from Bundoran, County Donegal, Ireland. They have carved a great reputation of being a captivating and entertaining live band in America and abroad.

From an early age, the sisters sang and played traditional Irish music as their mother’s back-up band in Ireland and across Europe. When they hit their teenage years, they formed their own rock band — the Screaming Orphans.

They have always admired the diversity of the American music scene and that was instrumental in their decision to relocate to America. Living in New York City has inspired them to explore new and exciting song writing and performance concepts that reflect their Celtic roots but crosses many cultural boundaries.

If you’re wondering about the band’s name…when the sisters decided to start their own band, and their mother no longer was the lead singer and their father the manager, they became “orphans.” They “scream” for attention in the music industry to be heard by each other.

Albannach is Scots-Gaelic for “Scottish” or “Scotsman”.  That‘s exactly what we are. Albannach are all born and bred in Scotland and our purpose in life is to share our intriguing culture, history and heritage by means of our music.

Albannach are not just another Scottish ‘Pipes & Drums’ band…we bring a new and exciting form of music to you. A championship winning piper, an extremely talented main drummer, bass drummers and bodhran musician bring you a brand new approach to percussion and Celtic music. Our style of music is exciting, energetic and enchanting and we promise to leave you begging for more.

Formed in 2006, Dublin 5 (formerly The Rovers) have taken the Celtic music scene by storm thanks to an eclectic mix of traditional roots and blazing instrumentals with an amped up rock twist. Their musicianship and show is nothing short of high octane. Their fan base is continually expanding and covers people of all ages from all walks of life.

Fronted by Ray Murphy (lead guitar) from Dublin, Ireland and backed by Jenn Garmen (fiddle), Eddie McGowan (bass and bagpipes), Jim Martin, (percussion), and drummer Kevin Shook, they are sure to keep you on edge until the final track has been played.

Kilmaine Saints, a Harrisburg Pipe & Drum band became friends in 2009 after learning that they each shared a love for music and a background in Punk Rock 101. They conspired to create a Celtic rock band that would “play for beer” the following St Patrick’s Day. The Saints have continued to pound through blistering, high-energy live sets that keep people wanting more. In short, Kilmaine Saints are equal parts Irish swagger, Scottish pride, and whiskey. This explosive, high-energy Celtic rock band will lift your hearts, your spirits, and your pint when you’re not looking!

Seamus Kennedy is an Irish singer, songwriter, musician, comedian, all-around entertainer, and author. He’s incredibly talented and fun!

He has a huge repertoire that includes traditional Irish music, classic Country & Western, American standards, Scottish ballads, and kids’ shows: entertainment for “the wee ones.” Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, he has been entertaining audiences all over the United States for almost four decades. An accomplished guitarist with a ready wit and a vast store of songs, he travels the country performing for thousands of people each year.

Kennedy’s ability to combine a total command of the music with humor makes him unique in the industry. His strong interactive entertainment skills and his participation with his audiences have helped him create an exceptionally loyal fan base everywhere he goes.

What are you waiting for?  You can learn more about the festival right here, but if you are ready for the time of your life–here’s your link for tickets!

Friday – 4pm to 11pm – $15

Saturday – 11am to 11pm – $20

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