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McMillan endorses Neuman for County Executive

Anne Arundel County Executive, Laura Neuman
Anne Arundel County Executive, Laura Neuman

In an email sent to supporters, State Delegate Herb McMillan offered his support of County Executive Laura Neuman as she seeks to retain her office in a highly contested primary race. McMillan, like Neuman, pegs his support to opponent Steve Schuh ‘s support of the so-called Rain Tax.

We are fortunate to have two strong candidates for county executive.

As I considered the candidacies of Laura Neuman and Steve Schuh, a favorite Lincoln quote came to mind; “Stand with anyone who stands right; stand with them as long as they stand right; and only part company with them when they go wrong.”

I stand with Neuman because she stood right when she vetoed the rain tax. I stand with Neuman because she stood right when she called out Gov. Martin O’Malley and Speaker of the House Mike Busch for not giving Anne Arundel County its fair share of state funding. I stand with Neuman because she stood right when she cleaned house and ended the “good ol’ boy” culture of county government. Finally, I stand with Neuman because her fresh ideas, positive energy and ability to connect with voters across party lines are just what the Republican Party needs; not only in our county, but across our state and country as well.

Neuman’s Republican primary opponent is an honorable person, and well qualified to serve as county executive. If nominated, he’ll have my support. However, Schuh hasn’t made a compelling case for “parting company” with county executive Neuman. Indeed, I part company with Schuh’s votes for the rain tax; and with his votes in favor of several O’Malley budgets. Big spending and big tax increases are joined at the hip. It’s easy to vote against tax increases, but it’s tough to hold the line on spending. Fiscal conservatives do both.

I’m honored to endorse County Executive Laura Neuman. She’s done an outstanding job, under difficult circumstances. Laura stands right; Laura stands with us; and I stand with Laura.



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