December 10, 2023
Annapolis, US 53 F

Jazz in Annapolis at 49 West

49 west AnnapolisWhen we screw up, we admit it and try to make it right. And did we screw up! Last week, in discussing the Blackwall Hitch’s opening, we suggested that they might look to do a jazz night for something different. Since the King of France Tavern became a Starbucks (still bitter over that), and Charlie and Joe Byrd passed away, I said that it might be something Annapolis needs.

Enter 49 West.  Well, enter about 2 years ago and I don’t know how I missed this!  But Jim Rosenthal, a reader, sent me an email setting me straight.

I thought the review of BH was very favorable, and plan to try it soon (if I can get in there, because it looks well-attended) As to the solid jazz night, you may have missed the fact that 49West Café and Winebar has had jazz nights (plural) for nearly a decade and a half now- you should go there on Tuesday evening and hear the Unified Jazz Ensemble, who have been the house jazz group there for a VERY long time. The leader of that band is Mike Noonan, perhaps the best mallet player in the mid-Atlantic states, and the trumpet and fluegelhorn player is Tim Stanley, a member of a Grammy award winning band (Afro-Bop Alliance)  The owners of 49 West have done more than any other club owners in recent memory to bring jazz to Annapolis, and they deserve mention and appreciation for their continued efforts.


No Jim, thank you. And apologies to Brian Cahalan for missing this.  I will definitely be in there to check out the Tuesday and Wednesday jazz scene!

Check out the calendar of events at 49 West (who also has some of the best food in town).

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