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Go mental at Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge

EvasonsAn evening of wonder, mystery and laughter with The Evasons May 31, 2014, 8:30 pm at Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge, Annapolis, MD. Is it psychic? Is it intuition? Is it magic? You be the judge.

Jeff & Tessa Evason are a husband & wife team who work together on stage as The Mentalist Duo. For over 30 years, they have performed in over 35 countries across the globe. They entertain regularly at events for Fortune 500 companies, political leaders, business magnates and royal families. Their numerous TV appearances include major networks such as NBC, Discovery Channel and FOX. Originally from Canada,

Jeff & Tessa met in 1983 and have performed together almost as long. Tessa was a psychic who worked as a model and Jeff was a radio broadcaster who did magic on the side. Their love of sailing brought them to Maryland 10 years ago and they now call Annapolis home.

With a schedule that keeps them on the road most of the time, they rarely perform locally. May 31st at The Metropolitan will mark the second time the duo has ever performed in Annapolis. The Evasons put a whole new twist on the works of 19th century mediums, spiritualists and psychics. Their fun and playful style blending psychological feedback and psychic intuition will give you a mind blowing experience that defies logic. Everyone in the audience will be invited to participate in a fun series of extrasensory adventures leading up to their specialty, Second Sight.

The Evasons never fail to inspire jaw-dropping awe and disbelief. After witnessing them in England earlier this year, a reviewer from the Shields Gazette in South Tyneside wrote: “Jeff and Tessa Evason left everyone completely gobsmacked. The couple were nothing short of amazing and it’s hard to wrap your head around the things they did. The entire audience was left scratching their heads.” In Newcastle Upon Tyne, The Evening Chronicle said: “Their mind-reading act was one of the most incredible displays this reviewer has ever witnessed.” And a reviewer from The Evening Chronicle wrote: “I’m not easily amazed but I was amazed!”

Imagine yourself thinking of your birthdate and Tessa knows it. You think of a friend’s mobile number and Tessa knows that too. She knows who gave you the beautiful ring you’re wearing. She can tell you the name of your childhood pet or the first person you ever kissed. She even has answers to some of your personal questions – past, present and future! There has to be a trick. They must use some form of technology. Right? Well Tessa and Jeff don’t ask you to believe, but there are no hidden earphones, microphones or cameras and nothing is rehearsed with audience members before the show. In fact, The Evasons offer $100,000 to anybody who can prove otherwise! Even the skeptics have been left speechless.

You’ll be captivated by spot-on powers of perception. Don’t be alarmed if you gasp with surprise and maybe even unleash a spooked-out shriek! Thereʼs just something different about seeing the phenomena take place right before your eyes, no strings attached, as opposed to watching it on TV.

The event takes place Saturday, May 31st, 8:30 pm at Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge 169 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland. Tickets cost $15.00. For information phone 410-280-5160 or visit their website. The Evasons website is

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