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Murnane, Annapolis’ Acting City Attorney resigns

timthumbActing City Attorney, Timothy Murnane has resigned. Murnane was appointed by newly-elected Mayor Michael Pantelides and faced consternation from the City Council almost from the first day. From sources in the City, Murnane was a divisive force in City Hall and often was seen as encroaching on the duties of other senior staff. The City Council, who must confirm the appointment, would not offer the five votes needed. Murnane butted heads with several Alderpersons.

The Council questioned Murnane’s capabilities from the start. While he does have experience in trial litigation, he had no experience in municipal law. And for the past 4 years has been a practicing real estate attorney trading under the name Mortgage Lawyer One.

The Capital also discovered that Murnane was placed on a Federal Court watch list when he refused to obey a courtroom deputy’s request which resulted in a scuffle and Murnane being escorted from the facility by US Marshals.

Murnane also faced criticism when he became involved in the arrest of the Mayor’s cousin on attempted first degree murder charges. Murnane reportedly went to the police station after the arrest and after having several calls with police Chief Michael Pristoop. Murnane initially stated he was there on unrelated City business; but the police department confirmed that he did in fact meet with the suspect, Savvas Pantelides.

In a statement released by the city, Mayor Pantelides praised Murnane’s work.

Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides announced that Timothy Murnane has resigned as City Attorney.

“I am grateful to Mr. Murnane for his dedication to the City and for his time and commitment to this administration,” Mayor Pantelides said. “He sacrificed his private practice to dedicate himself to public service. I wish him much success as he returns to his law practice.”

Mr. Murnane will return to private practice next week and Assistant City Attorney Gary Elson has been named Acting City Attorney while a search is conducted to find a replacement.

Timothy D. Murnane, Esq. has been a trial attorney for more than 30 years, served as a public defender for eleven years, and has been a Senior Associate for the Law Office of Timothy D. Murnane, P.C. for the past 35 years.

Mr. Murnane is credited with drafting legislation that updated sections of City Code and with legislation that will result in additional revenue for the City though the Admission and Amusement Tax, among other things.

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